Pusha T – Only You Can Tell It f. Wale

blame it on Meka January 27, 2013

We first caught a preview of Pusha’s collab with Wale during his interview with miss info, now we get to enjoy the full cut courtesy of Billboard. Wrath Of Caine finally drops tomorrow (January 28th).

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  • Bryan

    great song…if the rest of the mixtape is like this, wow…btw this is the best i’ve heard wale in a long time

  • comm

    btw Kanye West produced this

  • 44wade

    This ain’t a Kanye West beat

    Prod. By Boogz Da Beast

    I wanna hear Pusha on his own. fed up with hearing the exact same people on every rappers tracks.

  • WoooOoo! (Rick Flair voice) Wrath Of Caine got the streets excited like it’s a album!


  • h-21

    damn wish bump could of been on this with pusha!

  • ATLien

    I wish this was Pusha by himself. Wale’s flow is wack

  • j1

    Wale killed this shit even shouted out Portsmouth

  • Dope song

  • Alex

    Damn when I seen it my first thought was “fuck,Wale?”but he actually got King Push on this one.&&&& nobody ever bodies Push!

  • Cool Larry

    @Alex Nigga you tripping LOL!

    But Wrath Of Cain finna be the shit!

  • Dashboard

    Disconnect my onstar real shit Feds tap everything

  • Eric Cartman

    This shit is crack! Could have sworn Wale said Ye gave this beat to him. Either way it sounds nice! He could have saved this for the album.

  • DaSilva

    i can see why Kanye didnt was hesitant to give this beat to Pusha, so smooth

  • DOPE


  • ERIK


  • chef

    yea this one bumps

  • YEP!

    NICKI MINAJ >>>>>>>>> Pusha & Kendrick

  • Fais

    Wrath of Caine looks good. Can’t wait #dope

  • J’ai

    Yep wale kill push on this yo but the beat is something of a miracle in my opinion west ftw

  • Alex Smith QB

    this song>>>>>renegade

  • meh

    This is the worst I heard from wale.

  • really smh.

    NICKI MINAJ >>>>>>>>> Pusha & Kendrick

    YEP! said this on January 27th, 2013 at 3:07 pm
    Only if your are retarded or a troll.

  • Márcio Ricardo

    Pusha T the best. Um dos melhores raps do Mundo!

  • Silver Surfer

    My God….

  • YEP!

    @really smh My opinion is my opinion you fucktard!

  • adolfmayne

    This is meh yo

  • And to think this record didn’t make “My Name is My Name”.

    Which only means the album has to be sick!

  • Silky Johnson

    Beat sounds like a bootleg fruity loops Kanye beat from 8 years ago lol

    Pusha’s coke lines are played the fuck out, the album cover is an embarrassment too.

    “Hey guys, make the cover look like it’s covered in cocaine!!!”…..i’m cringing here, but the hood corner-dwelling drug dealing neanderthals probably eat up all this shit.

    Hopefully someone exposes this fake clown soon enough.

  • Bunch of mediocre verses over a stellar beat

  • BEE


  • marty mcfly

    Its aiight I guess, ya’ll actin like its Grindin pt 2 or something. meh…

  • marty mcfly

    Its aiight I guess, ya’ll actin like its Grindin pt 2 or something, meh…

  • spewing


    No. It probably means they couldn’t clear the sample so it’s not on the album. That is what most of the songs on mixtapes are.. uncleared samples.

  • @Silky Johnson Soooooo the Lil Bitch of the Year award goes to you I’m guessing.
    Why you mad bro? Get off the hatin shit, you know it’s good.

  • Mister Nicely

    C’mon now, ya’ll know this beat is crazy. Not one of Push’s strongest verses but damn if this track ain’t make the album then we are in for a treat. Wale’s verse was tough but I still think he was not the right feature for this track.

  • Silky Johnson

    Pusha stans are so touchy.

    So go on then, someone explain to me why Pusha gets a pass for rapping about drugs he doesn’t sell and shooting guns he doesn’t own?

    It’s not even a few songs, his whole gimmick and Scarface-like persona is based on selling cocaine.

    I guarantee none of you can explain to me without being a hypocrite or resorting to childish insults.

    Someone prove me wrong. Please.

  • Mister Nicely

    @SilkyJohnson I feel what you saying man, but bruh Push was really out there with that shit. He paid his dues as far as that street shit, so he can spit about it. I don’t get why people think Push is a fake.

  • Amygdala

    ^^^ @Fleece Johnson needs to calm himself…

    Nice… shits smooth… glad to hear some [relatively] stripped back shit [sonically]; love the throwback helium Yes sample… keep some balance in the game… ill shit…

  • BEE

    @Silky Johnson So i can’t get a blowjob my nigga???????

  • Pusha was a dealer, not that that really even matters, because this thirst for needing to “be real from the streets” is one of the dumbest concepts in music, predominantly hip-hop. Maybe it helps with writing but I don’t know. Did Al Pacino have to be a drug dealer in order to depict Scarface? You do understand that music is entertainment right? And an MC is essentially a story teller, correct? And that 99% of MCs have not live 2% of their lyrics, correct? And also do we as listeners have to be drug dealers in order to listen to it? No, of course not. So you are as much a hypocrite as the artist.

    But anyways, Pusha is a better lyricist than Jeezy, Ross, etc. so that’s why the musical criticism isn’t compounded by “he’s fake too!” But I do feel like his music has tapered off a bit since Hell Hath No Fury. This is alright. Still think he sounds better over Neptune tracks.

  • marty mcfly

    Pusha been rapping about drug dealing since Exclusive Audio Footage in 1997. COMEONSON, nobody is gonna make up a bunch of bullshit for a decade plus without having any experience in what they talking about. I’d think by now someone would’ve called him out. Yes there are real drug dealers out there that also rap about it. Get over it. Is the topic redundant? Yes, are some people passed the whole drug rap thing? Yes but if you dont like it there are other styles you can fuck with. Mos Def, Common, Lupe, Evidence, Kanye, Drake, Xzibit, Jay Electronica, Curren$y, Blu, Elzhi etc… Are all great MCs that dont talk about selling dope so take your pick.

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    Pusha and Wale on a track again…that’s wassup!

  • @Silky Johnson and anybody else that wants to be a Lil Bitch.
    His rap name is Pusha T, Pusha TON. He named himself because he was a pusher, a drug pusher. He wouldn’t faking shit way back then and still faking it now. He’d have been exposed for it. He’s made his mark and his influence is all over trap and coke rap. People cite the Clipse as one of their biggest inspirations in hip-hop , you’re favorite dope boy, trap rapper has the utmost respect for, at the very least, his music.

    He gets a pass for his content now because, quite frankly, he is the best at it. It’s like he can’t resist a coke reference in a song because it’s what he has been all about for so long. Sure he probably hasn’t sold coke in a good amount of time, but you tell me any new age rapper that spits coke bars as convincing as King Push. I’ll wait…………..

    I’m sorry, you got nothing? Ok, go on about your day. I know my words won’t change somebody’s opinion, but don’t disrespect someone you only make assumptions about. You don’t know shit.

  • He wasn’t*** faking

  • @ spewing

    That could also be the reason as well…

  • KingoftheKicks

    I love when people cry about Pusha rapping about drugs, as if you were expecting him to change after 10+ years of doing it.

    But as I always say, there’s a reason why Puaha is respected in this game, and it’s not b/c of the coke references…

  • Riff Raff & Lil B >>>>> TDE & GOOD Music

  • Check mate in five

    The Clipse/Reup Gang have been making cokerap since day one, why? Not just because of small time coke deals they were involved in before their rap careers. On the contrary. Clipse’ former manager Anthony Gonzales got sentenced to 32 years in prison for a 20 mill coke deal. The facts speak for themselves. Is it wrong for me to naturally assume that because a coke-rap collective had a BIG TIME druglord as a manager, they in face DEAL fucking cocaine? No? Then fucking yourself.

    And another thing to the guys who complain about the ReUp gang fanaticising about dealing cocaine. If you actually listen to the music, you would realise that each member are exceptional wordsmiths, especially Malice and Ab-Liva… They have metaphors and crazy imagery for years. These guys produce quality music. Period.

    “Who gone stop us.. fuck a copper.. the mind of a kilo shopper, seeing my life through the wind-shields of choppers” – push

  • Silky Johnson

    @ear2ear Respect for the only sensible reply without name calling, but I don’t see what I’ve said that is hypocritical.

    Your point about being ‘real’ and ‘being bout that life’ being dumb is correct. Projecting ‘realness’ is the problem.

    You are completely right, it’s entertainment. The difference here is that these supposed drug pushing rappers are spitting bars that they WANT you to believe, like they are really living that life. It’s the glamorising of murdering, killing and drug selling that is the problem. And as the responses in the comments have show, you niggas are really believing it!

    If Pusha came out today and said “I don’t own the guns and sell the drugs I rap about, it’s just story telling” then I would respect that & have no problem. But he obviously won’t, and Pusha fans get all butthurt when I question whether he lives the life he raps about. TODAY. Not 10 years ago as an unknown niglet on the corner.

    And if you really, really believe he was moving ‘tons’ of coke back in the day, then you are so entangled in the lies mixed with the fact you like him as an artist and need to defend him. At most he was probably some local dealer, not the fucking Pablo Escobar kingpin you paint him as. You don’t think he would be behind bars by now if he was that notorious? Nigga please.

    Search for ‘Malice From The Clipse Reveals The Truth On How He Is Really Living’ on YouTube. As close to from the horse’s mouth as you can get. At least he admits is was all bullshit.

    The problem in the hip-hop/black community is that selling drugs and killing people is generally seen as something to be proud about, which is why all you people defending Pusha take my questioning of his real life as a sign of disrespect. Grow up.

  • Silky Johnson

    And to add to my essay up there, I think Pusha is a damn good rapper, just his content is played the fuck out and the pass he gets/attitude towards him is fucking laughable. The double standard is everywhere.

  • HA! I knew it.

  • Infamous

    What most people dont realize is that a lot of these rappers that still talk about dealing drugs might not be on the corner doing hand to hands, but they’ll have some of their money financing drug deals and such which in turn they feel gives them license to talk about it.

  • haaaa thats tight


  • Wrath Of Caine! Tomorrow 6pm DOWNLOAD ! ! ! !

    Pusha T >>>>>>>>>>>

  • @Silky Johnson – Your vag is showing…

  • huh

    don’t think the beat or rhymes are as hot as everyone makes out, still a decent song though