The Lonely Island – YOLO f. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Illy January 27, 2013

The Lonely Island returned with an “SNL Digital Short” on tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live with “YOLO” — available on iTunes now — featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar, who spoke about wishing to appear in a skit on SNL earlier this week. No skit for K. Dot, unfortunately. UPDATE: Click here to catch his performance and watch the “YOLO” music video after the jump.

  • AYyyy

    Haha he kills it

  • joe

    Haha thanks for the advice K Dot!

  • edwin

    “How Much?” 4.2%

  • Washcloth

    2:00 for the Kendrick verse

  • justsaying

    Kendrick can do no wrong. He can make a song with tim mcgraw and people would still be on his his jockstrap.

  • you


    well tell us when he actually does something wrong… go.

  • dcd

    dudes are just sincerely jealous of k dot

  • Uriah

    I thought the YOLO Digital Short was pretty funny. I was sure surprised to see Andy Samberg on the show again. Overall the show was pretty funny to me. I wasn’t able to catch Adam on Saturday night that he hosted since I was working late at DISH. I knew I would be there, so I set my DISH Hopper DVR to record the show so I can see it the next day. Peace of mind comes in knowing I can keep many seasons of my favorite shows without having to worry about how much space I have. It saves up to 2000 hours of movies and shows, and I’ve got plenty of hours left.

  • Steez

    Even in a parody, Kendrick still puts out verses that are better than what most rappers put out nowadays.

  • mez

    damn Dish is grinding hard for some new customers.
    I like the interactive spam

  • Think Like Ya Enemy

    This is a joke, right?
    You’re not actually spose to bump this are you?

  • beyenesausage

    Its crazy ^ because (white) people actually bang this in the car…and they def cant wait…til the club plays it.