• asap lame

    didn't Gucci already do Trap God?

    who is this swaggerjacking fuck

  • Justice

    Follow my twitter JusticeRapTv. I'll give info on songs you probably never heard. Im trying to give underground rappers a chance to get fans. Everything with an unbiased opinion. Guarantee I'll follow back!

  • Shotgun Charlie

    This dude is over-rated just like his whole crew

    • Jarvo

      Hell yeah! Rocky cool the rest of them niggas wack

  • Kevin Crispin

    Early contender for mixtape of the year hopefully

  • Truthbetold

    Just another wack ass homo thug commercial industry slave. Arnt people getting tired of having wack ass homothug rap shoved down their throats? Homo thug rap and the thug culture in general is played out and needs to go. Only fags still think being a thug is cool anymore. Nobody gives a shit if your from the streets or how hard you are. If you listen to thug/gangsta/street rap and/or call yourself a thug, your probably a down low homo.

    • el nino

      U dumb ass fuck you're obviously a fuckin rap whore, fergs the truth hating pussys get on your grind like asap instead being jealous ass hoes

  • LUCA

    fuk you sorry we cant all listen too commercial rappers like rick ross and drake. what the hel is wrong with street rap? I enjoy finding my own style of rap/rappers and support new coming rappers, SchoolBoy Q, Danny Brown, Ab-soul are all still on a lower level non commercial spot, kendrick and asap rocky hav blown up yes. And another note just saw one of my Favorite rappers Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill at a small venue in my home town albany and they are what they like to call "raw rap" and have been for there entire (over a decade) careers of rapping and you can go jerk it to a Frank Ocean CD.

  • JZA

    first off, nobody trying to swaggerjack that loser gucci mane its cool if you dont like street rap but it isnt and never will be played out....also Ferg isnt overrated but everyone else in the crew is (including rocky) even tho i fuck with rocky heavy....ferg is better than rocky i cant wait for this shit....and i dare you to call ferg a homothug to his face youd probly get bruised up b