Big Daddy Kane – XX8 Days Of Flight (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Meka January 28, 2013

Commissioned by Jordan Brand’s 28th edition of their legendary sneaker, the legendary emcee goes over some production by the legendary beatsmith.

  • this shit sucks/ i am a huge bdk and dj premo fan/. but this is just terrible

  • Kane Mayfield


  • KenTh?nkIn


  • david

    @sbsb Premo’s nice on this, throwing some synths in there to switch his style up a bit, BDK’s ok on here but he didn’t bring his A-game, anyone who’s listened to his music before knows that he would usually come with a lot more energy and he’d switch the flow up a lot more, this rhyme schemes too simple, just a bunch of couplets

  • DQ

    WRDD. It’s refreshing to hear music like this amidst all the fuckery being blasted through out the air waves these days

  • For Damn Shame

    *waits for late 80’s and 90’s babies to say this is real hip hop* sigh….

  • david

    thought I pressed play on my MPC at the start too!

  • kc

    it’s called “28 Bars of Kane” actually..

  • 80′s and 90′s babies

    This is real hip hop.

  • Justice

    Follow my twitter JusticeRapTv. I’ll give info on songs you probably never heard. Im trying to give underground rappers a chance to get fans. Everything with an unbiased opinion. Guarantee I’ll follow back!

  • James R aka The Real Truth

    For Damn Shame. this is coming someonewho was born in 1978 & was raised in 1980’s & 1990’s . this is real hip hop unlike today’s hip pop crap . hip hop was more real back then . these are facts not opinoins. jay0z bit his flow & sawg from Big daddy kane

  • D3F14NT

    Ooooooh Preem we ain’t ready……… that shit was way too cold

  • spewing


    XX8 = 28

  • kc

    @spewing it’s not about roman numbers, i already know it. look at the title says “28 Days of Flight”. i’m tryna say the song’s name is “28 Bars of Kane”. read the whole sentence..

  • Riz.anks


  • subject_90

    Fuck everyone who dont like… this shit is raw af!

  • frylock

    shit is dope, kane still that dude

  • david

    Anyone remember the track ‘Classic’ produced by Premo with verses from Kanye, Nas, Rakim and KRS? Was used to promote Air Force 1’s or somethin, they should’ve gone all out with this one too, get a bit of a mini juice crew re-union track, Symphony part 3! Seen as though it’ll be mostly hip-hop heads buying the product anyway it’d be the perfect way to promote it to them

  • Grizzy

    what you get when 2 pioners in hip-hop make some joints? but seriously that’s fucking sad niggaz been sleepin on kane’s albums…