Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Involved In Altercation in LA

blame it on Shake January 28, 2013

TMZ describes it as an “all-out brawl” but we all know how they love to exaggerate the point. Anyways, the two (and their respective entourages of course) ran into each other outside of Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. And after some words, the two groups went at it. No other details have been released, but Frank Ocean confirmed the altercation on Twitter a few minutes ago.

got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. i only wish everest was there. cut my finger now I can’t play w two hands at the grammys.

I don’t really care for R&Beef, so I’ll let Miss Info explain these two’s past.

UPDATE: Brown is being investigated and Ocean is looking to press charges.

  • MewLover34

    I don’t think Chris Brown could be a bigger jerk off if he tried.

  • *waits for Ja rules response to this Horrific situation*

  • See us.

    fuck Chris brown….west side

    • Ognique

      Lmao *wheres Ja!!

  • justenjoythisshit

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  • Good Peoples!

    Oh shit here come a group of faggot ass Frank Ocean dick riders smh

  • mr. IMO

    now waits for game to play his part as al sharpton and twitter a call for peace like he did last go around!

  • The Big Lynxbowski

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  • spewing

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  • odd goons

    Fuck Bitch Brown, word up

  • mazoomy

    Did anyone even read what allegedly happened? It was apparently Frank Ocean’s fault, not Chris Brown’s, and it was their respective entourages that started the brawl.

  • For Damn Shame

    It’s probably wrong to say this but isn’t weird that when rappers beef nowadays they piece it up 2 seconds later (ex. Drake & Common) but the R&B guys are dead serious about that beef life? Lol ironic ain’t it?

  • malcyvelli

    i just find it interesting that brown is always getting into some kind of physical shit so due to that track record, the odds of him not starting it are pretty non existent in my mind, well see though

  • Schuyler

    Exactly what went through my mind. What are the odds of Brown going in for a handshake and Frank’s entourage jumping him mistakenly? That sounds ridiculous.

  • Geeeery

    The real story is Frank Ocean went up to Chris Brown outside the club and tried to fondle his junk, Breezy wasn’t feelin it so his boys stepped in front and then Frank Ocean started singing “I’ve been thinkin bout dudes” and that’s when shit popped off.

  • shababanks

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  • HA

    First Drake now Frank Ocean. C’mon Chris who you going after next Justin Beiber. This guy picks on the gayest guys in music.

  • aight

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  • kiko

    I wish Breezy would fuck with Yeezy. That’d be a good fight.

  • david

    you dont care for RnB beef but posted it anyway then updated it and re-posted it at the top of the posts

  • Aye

    I wanna see chris brown beat up and never coming back to make music. ever. and getting stomped out by young jeezy too just so we can hear jeezy adlib about it. yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • Good Peoples!

    Why re-posted this bullshit????? smh

    Shake it’s not like yall to post the drama shit WTF this is super lame

  • Chris

    TMZ: Frank & Chris were rocking the same blouse and neither of them wanted to change tops so a cat fight was inevitably started

  • Justice

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  • randy

    @good peoplez!they ran out of excuses to post about kendrick lamar

  • flo

    id love to see chris brown go to jail. ha

  • mcd

    I heard that Chris Brown was hating on Frank Ocean outside the club cause he couldn’t even get in

  • Karl Cordis

    Kanye beat up Jay-Z, but they cover that one up. (illuminati)

  • ShadyTalez

    Apparently Frankie got knocked.. lol boi thinkin boout pressing charges.

  • Jus10


  • mcd

    bitch move to press charges over a little fight…

  • myper spective

    Cmon Frank Ocean, you have good music to make, why even waste time scuffling with chris brown, a complete waste of talent. Damn chris breezy, you havent done shit positive with your life.

  • Truthbetold

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  • lol

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  • Nasty

    Fuck Chris Brown.