• ree

    do you always have to say some condescending remark about artists you don't know? how are niggas supposed to get on? And fyi chris brown is the feature.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ his name is dumb. ill have my opinion on MY site and you can have yours wherever you want.

    • luvaboytj

      I see the hater wassup.... Yall kan di*kride all u want

  • http://soundcloud.com/y-not_hh_addict hh_addict

    Redrum ! Call 911 !

  • haha


  • malcyvelli

    did this nigga chris brown really go mouthing off about robbing fools? really though? this nigga needs to stick to terrorizing women and the gay community cause that tough shit aint a good look

  • Adi

    Lol Shake.


    Come Come Now Shake... sike nah LOL!!! Pusha T Flexin'

  • D3F14NT

    I wish this highlighter ass sissy nigga would just jump off a plane already

  • cmon son

    Nope > Dope ....the people have spoken.

    and ree had a point.

  • KatoXV

    ^^Dickride???... nobody even likes you