• http://joshrichraps.com JoshRichRapsOfficial

    This nigga is crude, ugly, and a druggy, but he is one of the more intelligent beings in the game right now, I respect it.

  • realtalk™

    I'm not a huuuge Danny Brown fan but I can appreciate having vision and creativity.. something 99% of hip hop lacks right now..

  • Blaco

    Lmao. Jay Rock stay catchin light shade. Ringo was the weakest Beatle

  • Keebo

    Danny Brown has quickly climbed my ladder of favorites, now he's on the top 5 rungs.. I know some people can't get past his aberrations, but he is so real that I can't help but respect him.

  • A Dank

    Referenced Curb Your Enthusiasm and Radiohead in the same interview? No wonder this dude's my favorite at the moment... I hope he bring back a little more of the hood shit he was dropping on the detroit state of mind collection... His trap shit turns up for sure, but he's got excellence in straight hip hop as well, and i think it gets overlooked.