Frank Ocean – Forrest Gump (BTS Pics)

blame it on Shake January 28, 2013

When he’s not getting into fights with Chris Brown, Frank Ocean is still hard at work promoting Channel ORANGE. Up next? A video for “Forrest Gump” and you can check some behind-the-scenes shots after the jump.

  • sugar shane

    That homo is about to get stuck up the ass with that pole in the first pic, and he’s gonna like it too Fuckin Fag

  • comm

    why does the guy look so confused in every pic. bet he didnt touch any of that white pussy on set.

  • anana

    typical franky boy jumping up and down upon poles.

  • keep on deflecting…

    so much ignorance

  • wow

    is the first pic of him sitting on a tall invisible dick???

  • jcy24x

    Man @keep on deflecting. I agree with you bro, it’s sad that there are people that will click on something just to hate. But shit, if they’re hatin, then Frank must be doing something right, right?

  • anana

    hes suckin dick thats right

  • 2

    i think it’s hilarious that someone else being gay makes other people seem so angry.

  • Pshhh

    Black people and their deep cultural phobia of being homosexual breeds homosexuality in the black culture. It breeds Chief Keef going shirtless and rubbing up against his homies in a room full of dudes and people thinking thats real while dissing people like Frank who are genuine people.

  • KP

    What’s funny is that’s a pole for a power line in the background….the angle did set everyone up for the jokes, though. lol

  • The_SOUTHERN_Oracle

    Seriously, this is an ignorant comment thread. Luckily it’s the death rattle of homophobia and these idiots can join the ranks of racists and be on the wrong side of history.

    Niggas is mad because a gay dude got album of the year almost everywhere.

  • eYePTyOu

    Gay/Straight, who cares…but it appears the light pole is going to be impaling him…I think the irony is worth noting lol.

  • Truth

    Did high school senior paul pierce take a time machine to today to be in that last photo?

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    i don’t care if frank is gay,frank is a dolphin or frank is from mars.. i don’t care, he’s just human,with such a great potential. but he’s realizing what he’s done… tell the world that youre bisexual,or gay?? c’mon frank..look at you before this momoent,and after…you not happy anymore

  • the real homos are those internet trolls leaving trash in c-section all year long