Kendrick Lamar Performs On Saturday Night Live (Audio)

Last night, Kendrick Lamar made his Saturday Night Live debut by performing both "Swimming Pools (Drank)" and "Poetic Justice" on the SNL stage. We posted the video clips already but I figured I'd rip the audio for anyone that would like to add them to your respective playlists. Enjoy.

"Swimming Pools (Drank)"

"Poetic Justice"

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  • beyenesausage

    But Poetic Justice cuts off earlier then I would like.

    BUT thank you good sir. I downloaded it and am greatful for the effort.

  • ‘sheed

    when i put Poetic Justice into my itunes, the track is like 26 minutes long.

  • Kendrick really shinin'. good shit.

  • Schuyler

    Really appreciate it, Shake.

  • wut

    Poetic Justice is 16 minutes for me in itunes...

  • @jmiti

    26:30 on mine...

  • dimitri

    Yeah shows up as 26:30 over here too... but the song really only lasts for 6:30. Idk what's up but it's nice!

  • 123456

    ya, can u fix the file for poetic justice?


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