• beyenesausage

    But Poetic Justice cuts off earlier then I would like.

    BUT thank you good sir. I downloaded it and am greatful for the effort.

  • ‘sheed

    when i put Poetic Justice into my itunes, the track is like 26 minutes long.

  • http://shy Pyrex Shy

    Kendrick really shinin'. good shit.

  • Schuyler

    Really appreciate it, Shake.

  • wut

    Poetic Justice is 16 minutes for me in itunes...

  • @jmiti

    26:30 on mine...

  • dimitri

    Yeah shows up as 26:30 over here too... but the song really only lasts for 6:30. Idk what's up but it's nice!

  • 123456

    ya, can u fix the file for poetic justice?