• mgkSUCKS

    no surprise. this guy copied the naked and famous and now asap rocky. what a fucking loser.

  • kimjong

    @mgkSUCKS.... THANK YOU. Dude is garbage. Dude should just stop immediately. He makes me hate my county sometimes.. God damn.

  • Eddie

    MGK is a beat. Stfu & LTFU!!

  • ForREALtho!!

    @mgkSucks... how did he copy naked and famous??? He sampled their song and paid hommage to them in the title of his song. 97% of all rappers sample...what the f@ck are you talking about. The ASAP Rocky comparison doesn't even make sense...what are you talking about??? Please get off your knees and get some ambition...do something with yourself!!! MGK gets BUSY!!!

  • mgkreallysucks

    yeah mgk gets real busy suckin dick

  • DoubleClutch95

    Is there a harder working rapper than Pusha right now??

  • guy

    Burd and Keyz did this beat? Those guys are nasty. They on the rise for real.