• Real Talk

    This dude just talking over the track, horrible hook too give it up man.

  • ALF

    ^ Typically people speak over beats in Rap music.

  • Keebo

    @Real Talk. Man, dontchu know what RAP is..?

    Ehhhnyway Prodigy kinda switched up his style a lil bit on this one, I liked it. The lyrics are still kinda lazy but fuggit. And Alchemist came with the heat, per usual.

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist


  • spewing

    @ALF, @Keebo

    You guys are fools. Rapping isn't "talking" over music, it's about flowing. P right here is pretty much talking, not flowing (which he's been doing for almost a decade now).

    The production is dope on this one though, so in the end it's still a win. But I was just bumping Hell On Earth the other day. Man those were the days. Mobb Deep was untouchable back then.

  • frylock

    this is the alchemist i've missed

  • SIX

    alc killed this track..RNS hes nice

  • realtalk

    ^^ re: 1st comment, why the fuck all of a sudden you start spamming hate on hot tracks using my alias. fucking bitch.. change your name quick!!!