Prodigy – Give ‘Em Hell (prod. The Alchemist)

blame it on Meka January 28, 2013

Whether or not Mobb Deep perform together at Paid Dues this year remains to be seen, but at they’re both crafting tunes (albeit separately). This track will find life on Infamous P’s upcoming Albert Einstein project. Props to Sway and the homie Rob.

  • Real Talk

    This dude just talking over the track, horrible hook too give it up man.

  • ALF

    ^ Typically people speak over beats in Rap music.

  • Keebo

    @Real Talk. Man, dontchu know what RAP is..?

    Ehhhnyway Prodigy kinda switched up his style a lil bit on this one, I liked it. The lyrics are still kinda lazy but fuggit. And Alchemist came with the heat, per usual.

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist


  • spewing

    @ALF, @Keebo

    You guys are fools. Rapping isn’t “talking” over music, it’s about flowing. P right here is pretty much talking, not flowing (which he’s been doing for almost a decade now).

    The production is dope on this one though, so in the end it’s still a win. But I was just bumping Hell On Earth the other day. Man those were the days. Mobb Deep was untouchable back then.

  • frylock

    this is the alchemist i’ve missed

  • SIX

    alc killed this track..RNS hes nice

  • realtalk

    ^^ re: 1st comment, why the fuck all of a sudden you start spamming hate on hot tracks using my alias. fucking bitch.. change your name quick!!!