Pusha T – Wrath of Caine (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy January 28, 2013

With features and production from Rick Ross, Kanye West, French Montana, Troy Ave, Young Chop, Wale, Harry Fraud, The Neptunes, !llmind, BINK! and Jake One, Pusha Ton finally comes through with his highly-anticipated mixtape. Stream/download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Pusha T – Wrath of Caine (Mixtape) | Alt Link 1 | Alt Link 2

  • Cool Larry

    Mothafuckas on this website are are so hypocritical, you bitch and moan about how Pusha don’t live the life he raps about but turn around and say “i don’t care about how real Chief Keef is, the nigga can’t rap” But when you get a nigga who can rap you bitch about his fake street life smh i just wanted to end this whole bullshit conversation about Pusha street cred b4 it even starts!


    • Jerry Sandusky

      I feel like you waited for this to come out just to type that. Fag.

  • Grimzz

    Nice…11 tracks are perfect

  • disdatfiya

    Literally JUST got home from and work, checked my number 1 site (dis) and here it is sitting pretty for me. Fucking sweet

  • BringMoreHoes

    Track 5…POWDER!

  • Cool Larry

    @Jerry Sandusky Or i probly copy and paste my own comment from the last Pusha post…..Faggot!

    • Jerry Sandusky

      Yep, even gayer

  • FanOfAFan

    If Danny Brown can accumulate more than 50 likes on this sit eregarding an interview where he compares himself to the Beatles (which made me laugh, btw), I don’t wanna see a single dislike on this post. I don’t care how underground Danny Brown is, his raps are fuckin stupid and Pusha is the better emcee period. Give credit where credit is due

  • Eh… Expected more? Hate to even say that. I love Push.

  • drew

    STFU ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who hates in the C-Section loves French Montana!!!!!

  • Grimzz

    He compared black hippy to the beatles…it’s an opinion…lol


    @Jerry Sandusky mad because he was finna hate on Puaha but somebody stop him in his tracks LMAO!

    • Jerry Sandusky

      Naw I’m a push fan, just hate bullshit

  • Astro

    @FanOfAFan when Pusha T delivers a concept album anywhere near as raw as XXX, then you can make that claim about hum being as tight as Danny Brown as a solo artist. Pusha is a dope ass lyricist but don’t pretend like you’ve listened to Danny Brown’s catalog to prove a point.

  • chuck

    +1 points to Astro.

    Revolution is a dope track on this project though. definitely gonna listen to the rest later

  • Fuck Montana

    French Montana really fucks up track 3. Sounds like a retarded 4th grader got his hands on autotune…

  • kiko

    I don’t know what the fuck these most of these cats are talking about, seeing how the tape just dropped so they had no time to listen to it and come up with and opinion worth stating, but I love the fact that Push dropped this at the hr. when most of us are getting home from wrk instead of like 10:30 in the god damn morning so those blogger pussies can taste it first.

  • zbMrOG

    1st G.O.O.D album/mixtape of the year!!!!!! (see what i did there? wordplay) PUSHHHHHHHHH

  • Check

    Man the mixtape underwhelmed me tbh. It wasnt just passable to me, i wouldnt come back to it. there’s just no need to

  • Drew

    The only person I will hate on before listening to is French Montana!!!! That dude sucksssssssssssss. I dont know how he has made it this far and is featured on almost everything these days!

  • zbMrOG

    french montana ass though….smh on that hook

  • That “Trust You” record goes

  • vlado


  • Dock:Ness

    “Trust You” shit needs a video!!!!

  • Cooll Larry

    @Jerry Sandusky Don’t see how, but you can get off my dick tho!

  • Ray

    Kevin Gates…225 Baton Rouge!!!

  • Dean White

    fuck yes

  • LOL

    This shit is awful. Weak as hell, he better step it up for the album

  • Justice

    Follow my twitter JusticeRapTv. I’ll give info on songs you probably never heard. Im trying to give underground rappers a chance to get fans. Everything with an unbiased opinion. Guarantee I’ll follow back!

  • Tiiz

    French Montana singing in autotune!!!!! CALL THE AUTHORITIES!!!

  • Jarvo

    Fear of God > this

    Im a huge Pusha T fan but it’s just okay at best yo, Expected more after hearing Millions and the Wale track.

  • tylerg

    love pusha t fuck anybody who hate him

  • Followthelead

    TRASSSHHHHHHHHH – Shyne Voice.

    Fear of God WAS better than this.

  • bigErn

    Like most artists, Push previewed his best tracks first. Was kind of an underwhelming mixtape and the production is pretty damn weak. I don’t even think he needed to put out a mixtape.

  • bigErn

    How’d that French Montana track slip through anyhow? Wtf push?

  • Exhibit C

    I didn’t even know Pusha’s street cred was even questioned. His former managers are all in prison for life on drug charges. It doesn’t get much realer than that.

  • GodCypherDivine

    I’m gonna go ahead and say it—I Am Forgiven is one of the best crack rap songs of all time. That is some Golden Era level rap right there. Over a B!NK beat!

  • Mister Nicely

    This mix tape just proves that his album is already done, I’m not worried. I think My Name Is My Name will be very good. The few tracks on here that are pretty good probably didn’t make the album cut. “Only You Can Tell It” “I Am Forgiven” and “Revolution” were too good of songs to waste though. Ready for the LP though. Don’t let us down Push. #757

  • DoubleClutch95

    My Name is My Name will be album of the year!

    You heard it hear first!!!

  • Check

    semi-solid project… Was hoping he would flow better throughout. revolution had to be extended, shit got kilt. @check uptop suckadick

  • pinz

    This shit made me a fan again….I havnt felt push since till the casket. This shit briught him back lyrically in a big way

  • YouGots2Chill

    The mixing/mastering on this is horrible!

  • BuckNasty

    pusha’s music is like the american pie sequels. all the same content recycled and regurgitated. just because people still fall for it doesn’t make it good.

    how many times can this nigga say the same shit over and over. so 1 dimensional.

  • III

    cosign the dude who said French Montana fucked up track 3…what the fuck was Push thinking when he heard that?

    “damn, Frenchie actually did body that hook! that shit sound tight!”

    smh…anyways, besides that, I thought this was pretty dope. excited for the album

  • wickywoss

    does kanye produce ANY of his artists anymore?

    “co-produced” is when i watch you make mac n cheese and say you gotta pour the cheese powder in

  • TR

    I liked Fear of God more, but this is a good precursor to the album. Was feeling the intro and Jake One track the most

  • ain’t nobody

    fuckin wack ass mixtape

  • 2dope4nope

    ^ gotdamn no shit but lucky you can download one song if so from livemixtapes unlike that shit place datpiff but if this sounds like Juelz shit then damnnnnnn!

  • ivemar80

    Man, based on his last two mixtapes Pusha T sucks balls.



    the last three tracks and revolution are GOOD..all the other tracks really are passable..hope he gets more lyrical on his album dont need trap songs or that jamaican souund. he a good rapper no need to do like everyone else..

  • BBK

    dont matoooo

  • 44wade

    so is this really what the kids like to hear in 2013 a 35 year old man who has been in the music industry since 1998 rapping about his scarface fantasy’s SMH

    • RizLe

      LOL scarface FANTASY. Do your research lil boy. THIS MIXTAPE IS NOT FOR THE SKINNY JEAN GENERATION. Stick to the new rappers Push too over your heads


    the problem is not rapping about a scarface fantasy…its that MUSICALLY this shit is so WACK and WEAK.

    Is hiphop really dead? The dudes that are supposed to be the real rappers and not like “them other dudes” like Raekwon and Pusha are making such weak music.

    And ProEra is supposed to be the second coming?

    The edge has been lost.

    The only ones keeping it funky are Outdoorsmen and MMG.

  • Mike

    …that’s it? Decent ass tape. Pusha T’s beat choice is soo dull.

  • 1

    Why is Danny brown being brought up?

    @FanofAFan…u seem to be just looking for some reason to hate on d brown.

    Can’t even compare pusha and Danny.

    Pusha is dope but Danny brown is far more exciting…my opinion.

  • Initial reaction is its cool. But I think Pusha is setting us up for the album. We all know he can rap and I’m sure he will step it up a couple of notches for My Name Is My Name. Overall 6.5/7 out of 10. Not bad at all just not great.

  • geebo

    not feeling this in the slightest – shame!

    @ kiko – “I love the fact that Push dropped this at the hr. when most of us are getting home from wrk instead of like 10:30 in the god damn morning so those blogger pussies can taste it first.” – the world is a big place homie…. believe it or not, people check for this shit outside of the US too!

  • Mike Tomlin

    Love the old Clipse stuff but Im not sure Push can carry an album by himself. French and Ross arent doing him any favors either.

    Not a song on this tape can hold a light to New God Flow, Life is So Exciting or Trouble on My Mind. He might be a feature rapper…

    • RizZle

      Good reasoning but then he makes crazy ass songs like exodus and blocka and then you get to thinking…..

  • Grimzz

    So niggas gonna let that psyence fool slide with the raekwon and pusha comparison?!?!?!?!

  • RizZle

    Wasn’t feeling this at first play but hearing it back this morning I feel like its gonna grow. Also don’t think it’s better than FOG, but the best songs on this are better then the best songs on FOG. Also anybody notice like a Jamaican theme thing going on?

  • jojoba

    This dope. Not perfect mix tape but dope though.. Push goes and still shows why he is one of the best in the game right now. Def made me excited to see how My Name is My Name is. Just hope he drops another classic in the vein of Hell Hath no Furry

  • the mixtapes or songs that have alot of likes are the ones people feel the need to bash on lol the people that feel it is dope, likes it and move on, its the negative people that have to run they mouth

  • Niggas is trippin this tale is dope. U just don’t really hear good gangsta rap like this anymore. Kind of reminds me of get rich or die tryin in a way.

  • wrw

    the future biting on that trust you track is disgusting. niggas should be embarrassed

  • reee

    RizLe: its not for anyone beside ignorant niggas

  • greg focker

    very forgettable. no one will play this tape in a week’s time

  • ffs

    “re up gane motivation” wow, cant even proofread you album cover.

  • muk

    poor – too many fckn muppets likin without listenin first
    this isnt up to usual standard

  • frylock

    French montana TRYIN TO RHYME LIKE PO

  • Frenchie

    Soooo the production and features on a lot of these can go. Future, French Montana, just sever ties with them dudes. The album must have all his GOOD produced tracks.

  • capsule


  • STFU

    @muk shit’s dope, stop fucking bitching about how this isn’t up to standards! whose standards? your standards? I’m sure its up to Pushas standards. how can YOU have standards on something that he gave you for FREE.
    how come everybody that clicks nope has to leave a comment? if you dont like it keep it moving, i’m tired of reading your lame comments.

  • Cameron

    What songs should I skip off this mixtape?

  • Adi Pre

    Some wack tracks but a solid tape…fave track without a doubt ‘I am forgiven’.

  • RonRon

    I fuck wit Pusha T but I can’t get excited until his solo album actually hit. We’ll see if Kanye do the nigga right or if Cons was telling the truth.

  • YOUstfu

    @stfu, lol because this is the comment section, it isn’t only for positive feedback, but all feedback. Comments like yours are way more lame because they make the artists fans look like sensitive faggots who get upset when people make negative comments about there favorite artist. If the people who click nope gotta keep it moving why do the people who click dope have to comment? This isn’t, your going to see positive and negative feedback, get over it

  • Mikee DK

    this is nice.

  • STFU

    @YOUstfu, the thing is that 90% of people that click nope just have to say something, while 90% of people that click dope don’t comment. it seems like people only comment if they have negative shit to say. and i’m not just talking about this mixtape, but everything posted on this website…

  • 1

    Fuck is y’all talkin bout?

    Mixtape is dope…y’all made me think shit was gonna be extra wack…2-3 wack hooks but thats it…

    ya’ll just love speak negative shit

    Anyways: fav track: I Am Forgivin

  • agonyc

    Its not a bad mixtape… its just meh to me. This is coming from a longtime clipse/push fan, i dont feel like any reason to listen to this again aside from maybe 3 songs

  • Constothequence

    WACK AF. Pusha is hot on features weak on solo efforts. Troy Ave wack on that hook FOH. and French? Who tf told that nigga to “sing” that hook? HOT BASURA SON. GARBAAAAGE.

  • wilcox

    People who say Push is lyin in his ryhmes check Tony Geezy Gonzales and you’ll see Push was “really in that Travelodge” Remember Push’s line Tony doing time for what he did to nostrils! Push’s rhymes are real…period

  • INyoGIRLcar


  • malcyvelli

    you gotta let this tape grow on you, no doubt, run through it 3 or 4 times and you will be mouthing this shit no doubt, its a decent tape, not his best but its not worth bashing whatsoever