Rick Ross Involved In Shooting In Florida

blame it on Shake January 28, 2013

According to Miami’s Local 10 news, Rick Ross was involved in a drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, FL earlier this morning. Reports state that Ross was behind the wheel as several gunshots rang off from an unknown vehicle. Upon attempting to flee, the Rolls Royce crashed into a building on 15th Avenue. No injuries have been reported. And while more details are slowly being revealed, check out a news clip after the jump. UPDATE: 50 Cent’s response is laughter and says Ricky needs more people. UPDATE 2: CNN has more details.

UPDATE: You didn’t think Curtis would let this be great, did you?

  • Deebo

    He made his bed, he ‘gon have to lie in it. Like Nas said on It Was Written, “Fake thug no love. You get the slug, CB-4 Gusto.” Prophetic as ever.

    Dude is caught up in his own character and he may be in too deep to get out. Nobody told Ross to transform into a gangsta in his mid 30s. He made a conscious decision on how he wanted to be portrayed and he’s getting all that comes along with it, wrong or right. What ya’ll gobble up as entertainment from him is really some people’s real lives and some of them would love having a fake multi-million dollar rapper’s head on their mantle as ignorant as that may be. Simply the cost of doing business for Ross. I hope all that money earned under false pretenses is worth it.

  • 44wade

    The names of the victims inside the Rolls weren’t being released because they’re in fear for their lives, police said. Witnesses said rapper Rick Ross was inside the Rolls.

    “The occupants of the vehicle have asked for their information to be withheld from being released,” Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Det. DeAnna Garcia said. “They obviously, with everything that just took place, are fearful for their lives and their families lives.”

    Witnesses said they heard as many as 20 shots.

    Shooting at cops is not a good look you can go away for a very long time for that

  • ss

    how is their an attempt on his life yet no bullets struck the vehicle?

    you better believe he’s gonna rap about it too. smh.

  • james

    If they really tried to put 1 in Ricky then they have some serious problems. What are these part-time gangsters? How the fuck do you miss his big ass with 20 shots? lmao

  • ewew

    @Deebo nas is the fakest rap thug of all timr. like pac said “you livin fantasies niggaa, i reject your deposite, you seen to many movie, let the real live niggas hear the truth from me”.

    even pac’s “gangster” been in question. none of these rappers are real gangsters. 50 been accused and stabbed up for allegedly snitching, shot nine times, pac and big got killed over playing gangster. all these niggas made their beds as you so callouslt put it,

    stop trying to act like ross is the first rappers to steal somebody’s name or perpetrate a persona. nas did it, pac did it, big did, 50 did, all them nigga obsessed with the italian mobs…. even though they hater black people.

  • eew

    reading the comment of those lowlife 50 dickriders is sad. fucking sheep

  • Your Father

    You wanna compare yourself to BIG, this is the shit that happens to you.

  • jackob

    reading the comment of those lowlife 50 dickriders is sad. fucking sheep””…????????????

    Jumping the gun a little aint you? There is no positive mention of 50 in this post? Why the hate?

    cause ross staged his “shoot out” haha. and had to crash his car (with no bullet holes) into a wall to prove he was involved?

  • ewew is that you Rick Ross ?? LMFAO.
    Just cut the cheque buddy

  • “When keeping it real goes wrong”

    Keep ur head up Ross, this is when reality gets a lil too close!

  • wqrrqw

    jackob you have the nerve to talk about jumping the gun then start sharing conspiracy theories which aint even your and other baseless bias speculations

  • bigErn

    I bet it was a cover up for a drunk driving accident. Someone probably fired shots off after ross realized he was gonna get a DUI and they sowed this queer story together. Did they even find bullet holes in the car?? I mean this is all seems so amateur. What’s with the lack of details?

  • TRu

    I would never wish death upon anyone but this is what happens when you let stardom turn you into the character your trying to portray.

  • marty mcfly

    All that money and he aint got a armed convoy of security vehicles? The least he could do is bulletproof the Royce he rides around in, smh. If you gonna pretend to be this big gangsta then do it properly.

  • ryan g

    just another reminder why you don’t fuck them GDs

  • d-bo

    Yea bruh, this shit fake as fuck. How you gonna shoot up a man’s car and not hit it once? 50 ain’t lyin about this one. Plus, you can’t really miss that fat fuck.

  • what’s really real

    @ewew what u talkin about??? All rappers talk about that gangsta shit! True! But i aint never heard Nas glorify that shit like Ricky does! And Pac being dead makes his gangsta talk legit??? So u can only claim ur gangsta if u actually getting shot? You smokin on some straight bullcrap!
    Rick Ross talkin about the real Noreaga owing him a hunnid favors…he dont even know the dude! Why u claiming shit like taht when u aint move no keys, know none of these actual gangsters? fuckin image rappers! Nas is real, he dont talk about the type of shit Rick talks about. he talks about shit he sees, some small timer shit he mighta pulled, but not that grand scheme drug traffickin crap Ricky is trying to make ppl believe he is pullin. A parole officer for gods sake…i dont wish for no one to get shot up! but someone needs to SHUT that fat punk up. Problem is will still make money off of it and will “certify” his gangsta..we cant win!

  • Victor Woo

    Rozay was partying with Puff Daddy before this happened.

    Ya’ll do the math.

  • marty mcfly

    @what’s really real, I think he’s talking about how Nas first album was on some lyrical street prophet type shit and then on his next album he changed to Nas Escobar and then all of a sudden boom, platinum status based on a drug lord persona. Not hating but it is what it is.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Doesnt Rick Ross know youre not supposed to drive a Phantom? The bama spent all his money on the car and didnt have enough leftover for the driver LMAO

  • No one sees the bigger story here:

    You have a 37 year old millionaire fake tough guy making fun of a 36 year old millionaire fake tough guy getting shot at and people analyzing who’s tougher and who’s realer.

  • who cares

    Where’s the bullet holes? Liein’ ass fraud. He’s acting again.

  • B A W S E

    Eyewitnesses said he tried to pull in the McDonald’s drive threw lost control and crashed..

    20 bullets that’s a lie those were really 20 chicken nuggets from the value meal he order.

  • MirRo

    this will probably be the only thing rick ross raps about, o` fake ass rapper.

  • wickywoss

    lol @B A W S E you got me

  • Tyler Durden


    Co-sign @Deebo and @44Wade *Starts playing Shook Ones. Pt.II*
    @Victor Woo I hear that. Ha!… #Snake
    @ear2ear can go eat a dick… objectively, how is surviving 9 gun shots [in your thoracic cavity no less; amongst other areas] ‘fake toughness’?!?! Sounds like your optin to take some lead to see how shit feels being as you can be ‘soft and survive’ that kina shit?!… You pussy… and I ain’t even an all out 50 fan… ‘Omar’ you NEED to just fuck-off on tha real an’ tend to your wack-ass blog…
    @B A W S E got me in fuckin tears n shit ROFL… that or he couldn’t wait for shit to open…

    Thought tha ‘chopper’ was in tha whip William?! Tut tut *Lies* Looks like them G.D. niggaz at you Pseudo Ricky [if this shit actually went down]… looks like your gonna have to cancel some more shows :(… bout time someone pulled this fool’s card… Too Much Teflon for The ‘Don’; must ‘av made the wheels slip…

  • tonidalion

    the driver crashed turning in the opposite directions of the SOUND of gunfire.. No one was even shooting AT HIM.. they just got scared and crashed trying to run the other way from a sound of gunfire, they didn’t have a shootout, noone seen anyone shooting, the driver heard a sound.

  • daddy

    i cant wait for a song about this

  • al

    your all faggots, never wish death on anyone you fucking pussies

  • j1

    Yall niggas are terrible and got issues why make a joke about someone getting shot at? If he died yall would be happy? You niggas need a life and some damn therapy.

  • P0I0

    this is a bad look for hiphop smh