Shawnna – Sex f. Mush Millions

blame it on Meka January 28, 2013

I still want to touch Shawnna inappropriately, and I know I’m not the only one. Props to FSD, who says that a remix to this cut featuring Missy Elliot will drop soon.

  • Nope

    “Nope” for that ugly ass gorilla…

  • Lynxbowski

    I’ve always wanted to fuck her doggy to her first album which was pretty dope

  • JetLifer

    She SUPER thick… face is definetly rough but she’d get it

  • rss

    someone turn the fan down she cant see!

  • grimyteddy

    Meka & Shake ur taste in women are sus. Either white-yellow cankle chicks airbrushed down to size 6 — literally 1 twinkie away from blowing up.

  • david

    classic case of ‘Bag n Shag’ here

  • amo

    she could get it she could get it