Terrace Martin - Why. f. Jay Rock & Wendi Vaugn

Co-prouduced by Terrace and Willie B of TDE's Digi+Phonics crew, this track will actually not land on Terrace's 3ChordFold because of sample clearance issues, but applause to Terrace for giving this out for $Free.99.

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- Terrace contributed by playing the Saxophone and other instruments.

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  • BobbyWhite

    terrace martin is one talented dude

  • If you can't clear the sample, give it out for free. I feel that.

  • meetGreetSuckMahMeat

    does anybody know what the sample is called?

  • AndOneill

    This beautiful music! Terrace martin is the truth., really lookin forward to 3chordfold! Jayrock ripped this too, bout time he released some new shits. He gettin doper and doper every time I hear him,

  • theman1

    anyone know what the sample is?


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