Tyga – Molly f. Wiz Khalifa & Mally Mall

Tyga's Hotel California drops March 26.

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  • http://real-tube.net Qtslim3000

    They have da young'n going crazy fa a molly

  • http://super-maui.com MAUI

    This HAS too be a joke...

  • Jordan

    Did they really use Siri to make a hook for a song about Mollies? Unbelievable. Tired of this predictable, cliche, fad following, flavor of the month, brainless music. I'm all for party music, but when it's this repetitive and cheap, it just sucks. 1000s of rappers on the same sound; fl beats that took 5 minutes to make.

    • jason

      They used the siri voice off the trance song "molly"

  • T9FTW

    Oh God! (Big Sean voice)

    And whats a Mally Mall?

  • d-bo

    Seriously, can someone kill this fuck boy already?

  • Durrealest

    if you dickheads knew anything, you'd know they got the hook from a Cedric Gervais - Molly .. enlightening you niggers.

  • How?

    how can you hate this shit? this is some shit that you get turnt up to...

    i can tell you motherfuckers dont go out much

  • Comment

    Too many fucking pretentious hip hip fans, these days. This is a hit, take it at face value, stop tryna decode why it's not "lyrical"

  • Comment

    hip hop*

  • http://DML.fm Conor

    Dez Dynamic killed the production side but he gave it to his dude David Sabastian first. He even has a video using the song with 5.7 million views already


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