G.o.D. Jewels & Hero George – Glimpse of Destiny (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy January 29, 2013

Inspired by new age spirituality. Precognition. Stanley Kubrick. Indie film. The Crown Chakra. Chicago Public Schools. The fourth dimension. Second-hand crack smoke. Balmain denim. That .38 hidden behind the TV. Air Jordan circa 1993. A grandmother who loved to a fault. Six-pointed stars. Frustration. Love. Cocaine tigers. Real Nigga Vision. — G.o.D. Jewels

DOWNLOAD: G.o.D. Jewels & Hero George – Glimpse of Destiny (Mixtape)
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  • Foolish

    you had everything right, but you forgot you had to be able to rap. i dont think i should be expecting my 100 dollars from your first million off rap

  • iLLA

    haters gonna hate. keep doing you

  • Lean Neeson

    The production on this is fucking amazing

  • Trvplvwd

    COLD!!! Fucking get him a deal

  • IronStan

    Dope production. Dope bars, solid project.Going to be looking for him.

  • Solito

    Only one reppin Chicago the long way… Jewels deserves to be signed and respected

  • DAD

    everything but Dubai is good!!!!!!

  • pooh_rose

    this nigga aint reppin chi the right way, and you can hear it in his music…i see this nigga on twitter wearing leather pants and cut off denim shorts…that shit not wavy g…come back home

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      You know it’s 2013 and not 1996, right?

    • Connex

      This nigga “sees you on twitter”!! LOL. He follows the fuck outta you g!

  • supremeskillz

    I hope this is DOPE like Greatness Opens Doors!

  • cool H2o

    my first thought was this dude is kinda nice but entire tape is a salty nigga cryin because he’s not on. every song b lol. what kept me interested was the production and format.good job on that end.

    word of advice. rap about something other than 1) not being on and 2) getting slept on.

  • Connex

    “That’s the type of shit you gotta shrug off”

  • DeionSlanders

    Wow this whole tape is FIRE somebody sign this dude ASAP

  • mo


  • Dock:Ness

    Man this is the most creative peice of music I have heard in a long while! Im really feeling the music (I don’t want to call them beats). The lyrics are nice, it’s just the delivery is lacking a bit. All in all I can really see this artist shaping music as we know it today! I really like what i’m hearing, and I see room to grow. That’s my 2 cents!

  • Joe-Yo

    This shit is thowed. Positive things coming out the Chi from these guys. Nothing but love from us in Houston on this one! #RNV #GlimpseOfDestiny


  • Solito

    Niggas sleeping


    Really cool project. Definitely put a lot of thought into formatting the whole thing, kanye-ish in that regard. Only thing i hate is the long ass intros on like every song. not necessary

  • Valed

    Haven’t got a chance to listen yet but…well maybe i should listen before i comment…lol