• nohatejustopinion

    No offense to this artist or any female rapper(s), but i just can't get into the style. There is nothing HARD about a girl spitting bars or trying to act thug, stick to singin' or cookin' and shit. Props to cookin' soul though; those dudes are beastly with production.

  • proerageneral

    nah she got bars, flow and a dope voice plus she cute,
    love that beat, fly shit

  • dgong

    she cute

  • The Reala

    The song is dope. I only got one problem though. Is the fact she says "nigga". Other than that it's good

  • silence

    u serious mah nigga? ^^

  • Yup

    She CAN say nigga, nigga.

  • FreshlyFresh

    She's half black nigga nigga nigga