Saigon – Our Babies 2 (It’s A Crazy World) (Video)

blame it on Shake January 29, 2013

Directed by Peter Dmitriyev.

Sai-giddy comes through with the sixth visual presentation from his Sophomore album Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses.

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  • Adi Pre

    Wow…sick video.

  • dopeness overload!! Its been awhile since i’ve heard any of his new songs, but i’m definitely feeling this.

  • THT

    Dam, I thought this guy was washed up? Saigon never even dropped an album! I used to check for dude when he was signed with Atlantic. He has a song on BET with Trey Songz. Then once they took him off TV I stopped fxcking with him. Anyway, I guess this means his album is finally coming out because this shxt sounds tough!!

  • James R aka THe real Truth

    THT ,this just shows how much you out of the loop. this song is off saigons 2nd album . saigon released his first album on independent label surbannoize records . saigon was never washed & you need to stop being a mainstream dickryder. just goes rapper is not on tv does not make then washed up at all. the best rappers are not tv or stupid ass radio

  • che

    Did you guys post the new Oh No album?!?! Dropped today

  • h-21

    the first version will be remembered as a classic! this one was alright though… hopefully saigon will close it off as a trilogy on the next album.

  • chronwell

    Who realer than Sai? Dudes ia partyin while their society go down the drain! This is real man rap right here!

  • j

    cant believe he only did 11k first week on his first album with all them just blaze beats as well and without blaze only 2k on the 2nd album.. well damn

  • WickyWoss

    gotta respect sai’s ability but most his shit just corny and beats he didn’t get from Just are wack, THAT’S why he’s washed

  • WickyWoss

    saigon and xzibit both make cornball songs now and try to be too political, them immortal tech and canibus should do an album together to see who’s the real king of corn

  • marty mcfly

    If Saigon, Xzibit, Immortal Technique and Canibus are corny for being too political then rappers these days need to be corny then cause most of them will never make anything as good. If these are the corny rappers then these other rappers are wack as fuck in comparison. I think people are in fear of anything thats too real and they live in an ignorant bliss 24/7. These artists make music from the one day outta 30 when people need to hear something serious but unfortunately people are afraid to think.

  • Digtitek

    Featuring a senior citizen on the hook