Slum Village – Dirty Slums 2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy January 29, 2013

Slum Village return with their Mick Boogie-hosted Dirty Slums 2 mixtape, the Detroit trio’s first release since 2010’s Villa Manifesto. Guilty Simpson, Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, and more all make appearances on the 15-track offering. Stream and download it after the jump, courtesy of DJ Booth.

DOWNLOAD: Slim Village – Dirty Slums 2 (Mixtape)

  • Milwaukee Made Me

    No eLZhi? No Download

  • YouGots2Chill


  • che

    hahaha “Slim” Village!

  • P-soul

    and i dont disagree with all 3 of y’all, i mess with them individually, but slum “new” is done for. RIP Dilla, T3 Peace to Baatin. Illa /j What it is!

  • P-soul

    “i meant RIP Dilla & Baatin peace to Elzhi, whuddup illa j!

  • dajudge

    yea the last joint was decent. copped.

  • YES!! Straight FIYA!! Bout to bang this! Looking forward to the album! SLUM VILLAGE 4 ever!!!

  • j5

    alright hip hoppers don’t go in on me i’m trying to figure this out..
    I was under the impression that there were two different groups Slum Village (T3, Baatin, Dill, and later elzhi) and that this was a new group Dirty Slums (T3, Illa J, and RJ) but it’s all Slum Village just new members? or like a collective where everyone’s in the group??

  • dunk

    T3 by himself…eh.

  • triPAUD

    wait–the fuck? i thought they broke up…

  • Will

    Idk. Without El I aint to stoked.



    LOLOLOL..all yall Elzhi dick holders!!…talkin bout no Elzhi no download…Elzhi aint dropped shit in 3 fuckin years!! hes a DOPE RAPPER!!.BUT.cant write a hook or write a fuckin song!!..i fux with the mixtape..i fux with both of em…SV 4 LIFE!!…this shit RAW!!..APPOVED!!

  • Dipset

    ^Um… he dropped Elmatic.


    h3 dropped Elmatic in what EARLY 2011..where he took anotha MC’s concepts…lol…if he soo dope why is that all u heard..mean while the Slum camp droppin CLASSICS!!..yall come on blogs talkin shit..why dont u go on twitter and ask El where the music is…Elmatic…lol..Nas didnt even cosign that joint!!…dickriders!..good music kills a hater..and T3 and whoeva is in Slum is droppin GOOD MUSIC..CLASSICHIPHOP!

  • Milwaukee Made Me

    @SUPAMC So I guess according to your logic, Dr. Dre is wack too since we ain’t got Detox yet, or Emenim is wack since Recovery came out in 2010, we may as well throw Jay Electronica in that bunch too right? I mean Act has been on hold since 09, you sound mad ignorant homie, it’s about quality not quantity, I’ll take one dope Elzhi record over an underwhelming album/mixtape from T3 anyday, Elmatic & The Preface is better than anything T3 alone has come up with, T3 ain’t dropped a “classic” since Fantastic 2, and btw, Nas did co-sign Elmatic. eLZhi “The Weather Man” coming soon!!!

  • DeezNuttz

    @JS Slum is a liquid group always has been with members coming and going BUT T3 is the one constant originator who has been there from the beginning til now.

    I don’t understand why they both cant be who they are?

    Slum was dope loong before Elzhi and Slum is Dope now that Elzhi has left the group. They are experiencing the same amount of success if not more. Elzhi is doin well solo and I am looking forward to his new release. We don’t do either any good by trying to compare, they are different. SLUM VILLAGE is the foundation, it’s safe to say you wouldn’t know who El was without that foundation so be respectful and quit tryna tare down the house that DILLA, BAATIN and T3 built. You ungrateful Bastards!