Talib Kweli – Upper Echelon (Video)

Directed by Fredo Tovar

A "La Musica De Harry Fraud" production. Prisoner Of Conscious is coming soon. You can cop the single here.

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  • JNS1

    Maaaaaaaan...this is some whack shit.

  • why you think its on mtv lol

  • Correction, I slept with Katie too…..

    Money is the root of all evil.
    Looks like we lost another one.......
    Damn Talib


    ^Please stfu, Talib will never sell his soul. If he didn't have dark skinned women in the videos or started talking about bitches, money, and drugs maybe... You conspiracy theorists think oh no he said "upper echelon" that means the illuminati. "Aint no black man in the illuminati!" Plus he's talking about upper echelon of thought, he is smarter than the other rappers. Wait for the rest of the album before you judge.