Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Was Better Broke, Talks Game/Young Buck (Video)

blame it on Shake January 29, 2013

In a pretty dope sit down with MTV, Tony Yayo shares his thoughts on G-Unit’s past and how he feels it was better when the crew didn’t have any money. He also speaks on the situations with Game and Young Buck and how money became the issue between everyone. “Mo Money, Mo Problems” Yayo. Remember that.

  • Mike

    Tony Yayo needs to shut up, Game got this niggaz in a choke hold.. GGGG-UNOT

  • h-21

    very true these situations always remind me of that song it ain’t personal by jay-z

  • RU210

    That dude really said “G-Unot” in 2013 lol

  • Adi Pre

    Fuck Yayo.

  • mike

    I’m thinking they are where they are because of a lack of growth and hunger.

    Sidenote: G-Unit movement was nothing compared to the Roc x Dipset movement… I didn’t really “live” through (was still way young then) the Native Tongues or the Deathrow x Bad Boy movement, but I’ll still put money on the Roc x Dipset movement over all hip hop movements thus far.

  • Good Peoples!

    I know yall not use to rappers doing that but he just keeping it real

  • who cares

    Honestly a G-Unit reunion would be so dope. I’m talkin’ a REAL reunion. Where all 5 of them (50, Banks, Yayo, Buck, & Game) hook up to create an album together and it’s full of 100% bangers. Think about it. Take GRODT, Documentary, The Hunger For More, and Straight Out of Cashville and mash all five of them albums together… that’s a problem right there.

  • He does have a good point here.

  • Wackrap

    G-unit ain’t nothing but a bunch of hard up homo thugs that do lines of coke off each others cocks. People are about sick of wack ass nuccas and down low homos who brag about being thugs. If that pisses you off, it’s probably because your a homo thug who wants gunit to run a gay train on your butthole.

  • marty mcfly

    @mike, the G Unit movement was insane just to let you know. When they were first poppin, they had the internet, the mixtapes and the game in general on lock. It seemed like they had verses over every classic beat, every radio beat and every different kind of beat out. It was almost like they would destroy any instrumental the same week it came out. The Roc movement was basically just Jayz and Beanie Sigel because by the time Dip Set and State Property got involved, Jay was saying The Black album was his last and he was out the game. Memphis Bleek never really did what he was supposed to do, Amil got dropped, Kanye was still working on his debut, Lupe didnt sign to the Roc (people dont know that back then Jay was trying to sign Lupe but he was) The Dipset and G Unit movement was going on at the same time, the early 2000s. Dipset was poppin from like 02 – 04 but G Unit went from 02 to 05. The Dips were more lyrical but G Unit was focused on destroying anything Murder Inc and thats what made it so entertaining. G Unit made what seemed like a hundred songs just based on gangsta shit aimed at anybody who was Murder Inc affiliated or anybody who made crossover music. If the G Unit did ever reunite and actually take it seriously, it would be great for the culture. Especially if Sha Money is beat picking for them.

  • stopit5

    @Marty McFly

    “People don’t know that jay was trying to sign lupe, but he was”

    Yea… only you know! Lol.. You’re a fuckin moron.

    Ps. The roc had the most epic era in rap. Kanye was working on his debut? Yea… and producing hits for everyone on the roc at the same time.

    I’m just going to point out some things to keep in mind….

    Jay z, beanie, bleek, freeway, young gunz, state prop (peedi, o, sparks), amil, cam, juelz, jones, freekey, jr writer, hell rell(the rest of the dip affiliates..un, purple city, 40cal) diplomatic immunity, DI2, purple haze, every jay-z album, college dropout, beanie album, every dipset mixtape, the Neptune sound! jay z vs nas… renegade… I declare was at giant stadium, crystal sippin, crystal not sippin, just blaaaaaze!!! Baseline studio, roc da mic… hot 97 freestyles ( especially over the oochie Wally beat) … Dear summer… Rocafella all stars album …..

    Like…wtf else needs to be said?

  • marty mcfly

    @stopit5, Yeah all that is great and all but when I said “people dont know that Jay was trying to sign lupe” I didnt mean every human being on earth other then me, smh. I meant just most people in general cause thats the truth even today and definitely back then when people didnt even know who Lupe fiasco was in the first place so use some common sense as far as context of a statement fool. Now you talk about the Roc era and what your saying is your opinion but also the INTERNET and mixtape surge in the early 2000s has alot to do with the G Unit and DipSet era. It has so much to do with the success of those two camps that it cant be denied or downgraded. Jay had already reached a high level before then. When you talk about the ROC era, your talking about rappers and camps that hardly ever recorded together and didnt even get along each other and largely due to the split between Jay and Dame and Roc and Def Jam during that time. Those other artists didnt really start popping under the Roc brand till after Jayz was already a huge artist. At the highest point of the ROC era, Jay had all the biggest records out. From BP1 to the Black album Jay put out the biggest songs from the Roc and only Beanie Sigel kept up. One artist doing most of the carrying of a brand is not really like a whole group carrying the same weight or even close to the same weight. Killa was there but its not like he was really claiming the ROC like that, he was always on some Dipset shit and thats how he branded his artists just like Beanie did State Prop. By the time Kanye came into the picture yelling the ROC, Jay was just doing 16s for artists at Rocafella while running shit from a Def Jam office where he had bigger artists. During that time people were saying the Roc was over because of a falling out with Jay and Dame.

  • jwiii

    the roc took an L with Nas’s ether. Diplomats were okay but never as big as G-Unit/50 was because let’s be honest G-Unit’s reflected 50/Em/Dr. Dre more than it did anyone else. I’d throw in sha money too.

    The question for yayo is who got selfish? 50? game? buck?

  • marty mcfly

    When I say “The ROC era” im talking about a series of years when The Roc was on top or moving at their best ability. Now look at all there biggest records from the late 90s and early 2000s, who’s name is on most of them? Jay-z thats who. So thats more like a one man army isnt it. Now the other artists definitely helped out but look at the people your naming. Bleek, Jim Jones, Freaky, Jr Writer, D12…? wtf, and how many songs did Jay do with Dipset anyway? 1 or two during that whole time? Wasnt the Neptunes mostly working with other artists back then? That dont really sound like the Roc era to me. Id say Jayz and Beanie Sigel is the Roc Era and all those other artists were still building their own brands at the time.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jwiii, The Roc didnt take an L with Ether because nothing stopped and matter a fact Ether just made the Roc brand even bigger after it came out cause Jay went harder at Nas then DipSet, Memphis, Beans and even people from Nas own hood started going at Nas. I will agree that G Unit had Dre, Shady and a bunch of other artists (Obie Trice, D12, Mobb Deep, and Stat Quo), controversy and most of all mixtapes DJs from coast to coast and the net had started popping like crazy with free downloads of mixtape freestyles every week and 50 was on fire. All these things cant be denied if you remember that G Unit wave cause all these different things contributed to it. That shit was crazy. I dont know what the biggest movement in hip hop as been cause people could still say The Roc had Ruff Ryders and Cash Money all on the road with them at height of each factions career at one point and someone else good say Bad Bay had the biggest era cause Puff and Mase also smashed on mainstream hip hop. Or people could say Death Row, No Limit or even Cash Money by themselves but I just wanted to point out all the issues during that Roc era going on within the click at the time and if you really look at it, Jay and Beanie and in some respects Killa was the Roc era really but Killa was always on his own thing.

  • marty mcfly

    someone COULD say Bad BOY… I mean

  • marty mcfly

    Oh and dont let me forget the WU from 93 to about 98. Classic material during their era as well. G Unit and Dipset imo was just the most fun I think of the movements because both camps were just over the top with arrogance, disrespect from everybody, comedy and drama in they music.

  • 44wade


  • The Big Lynxbowski

    real talk

    the thing with g unit was they became so successful so quick and made so much money so quick they achieved things in one year that most people will never achieve in a life time so the only thing left is to fall down

  • markaveli

    lol at these youngns. nothing will ever compare to the death row n wu tang movement in the 90s.

  • markaveli

    tde got next tho

  • garry

    end of an era.

  • WebStarr570

    I’ve been hating on Yayo lately, but I’ll give him mad credit for this interview. We need more people to keep it real “for real.” The G-Unit movement was huge. If you have all the classic mixtapes those shits are fire.

  • whatupsucka

    You can’t include Cam’ron in a discussion about the Roc era. The man had a huge beef with Jay-Z at the height of the movement. 50 and G-Unit had a very huge run at the same time, but as the game started changing to more party oriented records and doing the ‘jerk’, it turned unnecessary for gangsta rap to be poppin. 50 felt he had to be the party rapper with edge, and his only competition in that era was Lil Wayne. Then Kanye showed up and made his own brand by himself. G.O.O.D. Music wasn’t shit as a brand, it was Kanye for that. In hiphop, if you’re considered a “movement”, it only lasts for a good 3-4 years if you’re lucky.