Joe Budden – NBA (Never Broke Again) f. Wiz Khalifa & French Montana

blame it on Illy January 30, 2013

Joe Budden enlists Wiz Khalifa and French Montana for the latest single off his upcoming album, No Love Lost, out 2/5, available for pre-order on iTunes now.

  • 1992

    wiz verse was cold

  • chuck

    shit goes.

    replace french montana with anyone else and itd be even nicer.

  • Wolfman

    Anybody know where the sample was used before? I’ve heard this in something from the 90s — maybe some NY vinyl shit.

  • wow

    JOE smashed his verse holy shit

  • Joey = Top 5 D.O.A.

    Admittedly I am a huge Budden fan (say what you will) but this isn’t my favorite look from him. I understand his intentions but I still wonder WHY? Chorus = TERRIBLE 3rd verse = WHACK…Everything Budden has despised musically is exemplified in this egotistical waste of a track. MONEY, BITCHES, LIQUOR, SIMPLE RHYMES…(should I continue?) I guess I get it. Joe Budden owes me absolutely nothing but having been a Mood Muzik head from the gate I feel like he is going to let down A LOT of people with this single. I am still going to buy the album and be pumped to listen to it but this song is reminiscent of “Throw It Away” in that it gives me a disposition about the album concept before I even hear it…almost afraid of what the next song might bring. I know he isn’t upset anymore with life, as he has spoken about in recent interviews, but “NBA” compared to the likes of “Keep On” or “seems like it’s from a different emcee. I think of my favorite Budden line “Why try to fit when you’re a stand out?” while listening to this song and…it’s almost sad. One word to sum up this track: “Uninspired”

  • k_q_b

    ^^Compeletely agree with you. I don’t know what to think. I guess he wants to make some more money…*Shrugs* w/e I’m out.

  • j

    pump it up pump it up

    that commerical bread taste real nice

    clues in the title yo

    do we need more people doing the ace hood flow (meek, 2chainz.. etc)

  • Bstorm

    No Love Lost is a great mix of Mood Joe and Mainstream Joe IMO… Is mood Joe better to listen to than mainstream Joe? Absolutely. But at some point he has to try to appeal to a larger audience. I know personally, I want a banger in the car every once in a while. Not just mood muzik. He might alienate some of his fanbase with this album, but I think it’s a good balance. NLL will be on repeat for a while.

  • El Cinco Fer

    ^nigga shut probably dont buy his albums and their was an album in ’03 which was his first and had songs like pump it up and fire and porno star and the rest was lyrically AMAZING and conceptually to cry over one song is typical fake fan dont want him to be happy and have other songa.i love MM2 3 4 Halfway house padded room. and the slaughterhouse albums.and this song is wayyyyy better than Throw It Away and i hated throw it away. cant make the same album a million times over and over and over..and i get your point dont get me wrong.yall want him to rap about EMO shit all the time.why? the lyrics are still here its just over newer stop complaining and just listen..and i only responded because you wanted attention because you typed a paragraph and some tryed to prove a point without proving i see past the o.i get it but im dissapointed bullshit..please stop it..remember its a single from a guy that made girl records before wont complaing when Touch and Go and The Future came out so why would you complain on a pretty decent record..HUH???

  • JarrZ

    @ Joey = Top 5 D.O.A

    No worries. I just finished listening to the album for the third time in a row. There are enough tracks on it that should be to your liking. Castles, All In My Head, Skeletons, Ghetto Burbs, Runaway, My Time, No Love Lost (Outro). It’s really well balanced. Dope album !

  • Slaughterhouse

    I can’t say I ever thought Joe would make a track with French but this track is a banger. French is still a faggot though.

  • Bottom line

    Piece of shit song, piece of shit album. Joey’s been trying to seel out since before they started on the last Slaughterhouse album, so if you liked WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE you should feel right at home on NO LOVE LOST. If you liked the Mood Muzik series, run away screaming now.

  • Alv1

    ^ U didn’t really listen to the entire album, did u?

  • Bottom line

    ^ Please don’t pretend you actually liked the album. You’ll only end up insulting yourself.

  • marty mcfly

    Did you guys listen to the snippets? Now you might not be able to judge a whole album off just snippets BUT it doesn’t really sound like its too good of an album for you Joe Boredom stans. Just sayin

  • marty mcfly

    @Bottom Line, The Welcome To Our House album and a album from Joe are two completely different things as far as sound and bars. Im still surprised that people didnt really give the SH album a chance all because they were mad that they did singles with hip hop legends like Cee Lo and Swizz beats. That to me made no sense. Now Im not a big Eminem fan but anybody who his an Em fan and not a fan of the SH album, thats crazy to me because its the Em sound all over the album and the bars were dope for the majority of the album and there were songs on that album that were dope.

  • Quaid

    Niggas is talkin shit. Album is dope and offers deep/moody material too.

  • (l,k)

    some of you guys are retarded. joe never completely opposed songs about money, bitches, etc. he just wasnt with guys doin that every song and doin it just to be commercially successful

  • Alv1

    Track is fire. Plus the album IS Mood Muzik. He just isn’t in a somber mood anymore. (which should actually be good news to y’all)

  • saidbest

    no one gives a fuck about none of you in here *if you have not realized this now you should

  • saidbest

    your either a fool or your not. simple.

    hate it or love it.

  • Ron Burgandy

    Baby Kangaroo Budden career peaked with Pump It Up. Everybody knows that! He’s an emo, chainsmoking rapper who was sonned by Jay Z and joined forces with 3 other above average rappers that couldn’t even blow with the help of Eminememem. Joey’s very impressed with himself, but he’s never going to be mistaken for a legendary rapper. Go fuck yourself, San Diego.

  • Ron Burgandy

    Not only that, how many professional athletes who had deals makin alot more money than these three clowns are now broke as fuck! Think about it! Neato!

  • intrepreteur

    Does anyone know where Ghetto Burbs is sampled from? I’m pretty sure it’s an Em song, Joey uses his flow too. I just can’t remember which Em song.

  • Not My Favorite Joey Track, But Hopefully This Will Help Him Sell The Sh!t Out Of His Upcoming “No Love Lost” Album.

  • marty mcfly

    @(I,k) PUMP PU PU PUMP PUMP PU PU PUMP IT UP!!!!!! That will forever be the only thing Joe Boredom has ever done that hip hop gives a fuck about.


    French Montana is one entertaining doode tho. Idk if he can hold a track on his own, always gotta be a feature or have features on his tracks. We’ll see what he got to offer in his album. As long as Baltimore Los featured on it i’ll peep it haha

  • havnt heard anything like this from Joey since his debut…i actually rocks with this record.I feel the album will be really well rounded.not just one mood like usually….btw 2 dopeboys has by FARRRR the most haters.if you dont like dont comment

  • Joey = Top 5 DOA

    @JarrZ you damn near hit the nail on the head. I reluctantly checked out the leak and those are my favorite tracks. By the time I got to castles I felt like I was settling in for something special. Might be my favorite track on first listen. As far as the balance you speak of I completely agree. NBA might be the least replayable track (for me). February 5th I am going to proudly cop my hard copy. I listened to NLL straight through and am (as always) ready to say yet again top 5 DOA. His realness, although confused for corny (or boring) is the reason I will bump his music long after he’s done dropping new shit

  • wow

    @Joey = Top 5 D.O.A, sounds like hes a different mc? its called being versatile lol, pump it up also sounds like a different mc..and that was before all the mood muzik shit…why be scared of what the next single sounds like? ITS NOT FOR YOU OBVIOUSLY lol its for a different audience…he’ll have tracks for you on the album so shut it up, get the album and accept your not the only person hes making music for

  • ear2ear

    I wonder how Allen Iverson and Antoine Walker feel about the song title? Smh :/

  • t.a.morales

    @marty…keep telling yourself that. Pump It Up is what mainstream “Hip Hop” will always remember about Joe. True hip hop fans look at the Mood Musik series.
    co-sign what Bstorm said. From what I heard, its a mix of both types of Joe.

  • Aye

    Joey = Top 5 D.O.A. ^

    Co-sign 100 mayne.

  • marty mcfly

    If Joe is in your top 5 then either your top 5 dont make any damn sense or you completely missed the whole 90s era. How is Joe top 5 when he is barely good enough to even be in the top 30? COMEONSON

  • (l,k)

    marty your existence, let alone your opinion is irrelevant. i dont even know what youre saying since all ive read for the past 3 months from your posts is when you mention my name. youre the yung berg of life. be gone

  • marty mcfly

    P P P P PUMP P P PUMP IT UP !!!!!

  • marty mcfly’s mom


  • Joey Top 5 DOA

    @Marty McFly I think the “Top 5” discussion is all relative. I like the 90’s MUCH more than modern Hip-Pop, don’t get it twisted. Nas is and always will be my favorite emcee. New York, mid to late 90’s, is my favorite sound. Sample heavy and as ANALOG as it gets. joe Budden is top 5 because his Mood Muzik series EASILY surpasses 80% of rappers entire CAREERS! Then you throw in the Amalgam stint with 3 dope albums, ALL FIRE, and you can’t keep up with his track record. Then you throw in Slaughterhouse and the music they have made together. Tell me again Joe Budden isn’t top 5 DOA. Dude barely ever had his commercial break and still has a fanbase (a very loyal one at that, I mean I am watching Love & Hip-Hop lol) that supports him

  • marty mcfly

    Joe dont have a loyal fanbase because for 95% of his career his own fans didnt buy his albums. So just cause a few thousand people did thats not really a loyal fanbase. No Joe Mixtape or album he has ever done since his debut have ever dominated any other project at the time. Every time a Mood Music mixtape came out there were ten other mixtapes out at the time that shitted on his tapes. There was never a time ever where Joe dominated the mainstream and the top 5 position is for legends that dominated the game completely from both underground and mainstream levels and then repeated it multiple times. I could name 25 other MCs that had way better careers and albums then Joe and the reason Joe is on Love and Hip Hop is because Tihary got a fat ass and since Joe wont just let the bitch breathe thats why he on the show. At no point in Joe’s whole career has he ever been one of the best so its no way he could ever be top 5.

  • marty mcfly’s mom


  • ee

    agree with Marty 100%. cant believe its even a debate on this site. joey is mo where near top 5 anything. he a mixtapr rapper he has no stats. where are his classic albums? where are his platinum albums? im not one to dwell on sales but the guys career is too much of a dud to ignore sales

  • yeah

    @Joey = Top 5 D.O.A for your first comment. your dumb. cuz this single isnt for you or the other SMALL amount of mood muzik heads. this is to expand the audience fool, this track and last day will have him talked about. wether you and emo rap fans like it or not. nuff said. kill yaself. 2dbz is the worst site for hate man its disgusting. but also most dope music. good wit the bad.

  • yeah

    @ee havn’t you heard pump it up the classic of all classics ?!!

  • yeah

    @joetop5 “joe Budden is top 5 because his Mood Muzik series EASILY surpasses 80% of rappers entire CAREERS!” i want you to think about that really think about it. compare it to some others.. lmao

  • lol

    joey top 5, maybe joey badass lame o

  • haters

    @HAAAN and the rest of the haters, you dont think french hold his own track. Playing In The Wind, Slow Down, Im so Special, Lay down, Cocaine Alumni, Sanctuary, ALL his intro`s, Uh HUh, etc. oh wait, are all those better than his songs with features