Joey Bada$$ – Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Lil B Diss)

blame it on Meka January 30, 2013

Well, that was fast. After finally getting to Lil B’s dedication toward the Pro Era spitter (and in utter tears at that album cover), I hit Joey’s the Twitter to see that he just let this response loose. Using a flip/loop of Janet Jackson’s “That’s The Way Love Goes?” Does anybody else see how hilariously genius that is?

  • Joe

    he coulda came harder definately but there were a few good bars in that

  • Pauly D

    Jesus of the almighty CHRIST, this is fucking horrible.

    Both Joey AND Lil Bitch taking L’s tonite

  • JXN

    This track just shows that this isn’t even a fair fight. Joey can destroy Lil’ B lyrically. It’s not even close.

  • Pauly D

    niggas sitting in the studio going through beats for the diss like “play the 1 sampling janet jackson again”

  • d

    i like joey but i wasn’t feeling this

  • Joe

    he was rapping to fast honestly if he would slow down and put some emphasis on some bars it would have been better

  • jack slim

    sounds like he freestyling this diss

  • madmanmax

    man I was looking forward to this shit…i fucks w/ Joey but for a diss record this shit is of the most delicate response records ever to be trill about it…he should’ve shut this niggas career down..who the fuck disses a nigga on a Janet Jackson thats the way love goes sample? ….no dice on this but I still fucks w/ dude…this record was jus much lyrical linquistics and shit ..its a diss record say some solid shit and body the nigga bruh..


    Some tell this nigga its 2013 fuck outta here wit that dusty ass beat and wack flow #TASKFORCE nigga

  • J. Rockwell


  • KING

    I’m actually a lil disappointed in this. Joey sounded not in tune with the beat (which was hard as fuck btw). Was expecting more

  • marty mcfly

    Easy murder… Whatever you gotta say about it, Lil B been rapping for like a decade now fool. How you not rapping dope at this point? Bitchgod got bodied by a teenager. LOL

  • j

    show me one Joey Bada$$ song as good as “Age of Information”…ill wait

  • Pauly D

    loool are u fucking serious right now? Both these niggas were incoherent as fuck

  • d

    people throw around the word ‘ether’ way too easily these days…

  • j

    And Freddie Gibbs did this beat way more justice…

  • marty mcfly

    Some of you actually sound like you expected a nigga to write a full out diss record for Lil B. HELL NAW, light bars for lightweight rappers, its only right.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      Nah, no excuses.either go hard or don’t respond at all (which he should’be did). Either way I couldn’t care less. Not a fan of either.

  • Pauly D

    Excuses excuses HAH
    Point is, this nigga went on a fucking JANET JACKSON beat and couldn’t even deliver wtf HAH

  • j


  • marty mcfly

    @Paula, how many Lil B albums or projects have you BOUGHT since Lil B been rapping? Exactly so dont act like some how now you a based stan.

  • Ron$rEel

    Joey can def spit way better than this…but, what’s the point. IT’S LIL B

  • nai nai

    @j you right…Age of Information > any Joey Bada$$ song…for now

  • marty mcfly

    @ J, Both Bada$$ mixtapes are as good. Who is the only artist in hip hop to have close to a thousand wack songs. I will wait… Lil B thats who

  • Pauly D

    wtf I’m not acting like I’m a “based stan”. Lil B is the worst rapper alive. But Joey’s song and B’s song are identical, they’re both TRASH

  • j

    @marty fuckin college professors use that song in their classes because there is a lot of truth and knowledge being dropped. There is more to Lil B than meets the eye, because that is an underrated, classic song. His gimmick of being a terrible rapper obviously got him somewhere. Joey Bada$$ is obviously a better rhymer and has more potential, but he hasnt dropped that one song that sets him apart.

  • Ron$rEel

    My only thing is this, why come at Joey when STEEZ (R.I.P STEEZ) said the line. Why now? He had ample time to respond.

  • marty mcfly

    Alot of shit people assume about Lil B is false. Dont believe the hype, this nigga is not poppin and dont care what college professors actually praise this sambo or what his followers say. Again this nigga been out for years now and you wanna talk about one good song? GTFOH do you know how many artists put out way better material then Lil B in just a fraction of the time? Just stop it

  • CABNumber

    Shit I thought it was dope, not super killerand shit but it was good. He definitely didnt either Lil b, but neither did he. The beat was probably my favorite part.

  • marty mcfly

    excuse me, I wont say sambo. Ill just say complete idiot but its cool go ahead and praise your based god. Is Joey the best rapper? NO but Lil fucking B? Not even top thousand in hip hop.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Truthfully, dude’s flow ain’t that far above Lil and he sucks. So take that how you want to.

  • j

    dude, im talking about 1 classic song that most artists never make. Joey Bada$$ has a bunch of solid, dope tracks, but doesnt have a classic. Not saying Lil B > Joey, but Lil B’s best song > Joey’s best song

  • And 1

    that was fast

  • Fkthehaters

    This 90’s diss, when rappers would freestyle off the dome. Joey bring back that 90’s new york flow. I’m assuming many of these post are product of late 90’s.

  • theloop

    who the fuck cares about one good song. that’s called a one-hit wonder

  • marty mcfly

    @ J, I have never in my life heard somebody say Lil B has made a hip hop classic. So just because you say that, that dont mean the rest of the culture as a whole agrees with you. I have never heard anybody within the whole industry of music ever whether it be mainstream or underground play Age Of Information during any set or format ever especially not during a classic records type of set. If that song was a hip hop classic you wouldn’t have to tell us about it now, it would already be known by the majority of the culture. Now say what you want about Joey but id give him tell his 20th birthday at least to learn his timing and get his delivery and cadence down but Lil B is just wack and thats not just opinion thats based on his music overall hands down.


    LYRICAL FUCKING ATOM BOMB..but completely unnecessary. joey bad you’ve worked with DJ PREMIER and you can’t even drink legally yet..let lil b run talk his shit and keep pro era pushin’ PERIOD

  • kayo

    and just to make it clear.. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE RAPS QUICK AND RHYMES A LOT OF HIS WORDS DOES NOT MEAN HE’S A GOOD RAPPER… although I do like Joey, this is NOT good

  • BeefIsCoolIfTheMusicIsGood

    Sry. Joey Bada$$ didnt ether shit bruh. Lil B didnt do much ether. BUT…. This is cookin up to be an interesting beef. Hope Lil B goes in on this nigga soon and Joey Bada$$ respond with something more “ether” like cause that shit wasnt ether at all.

  • Have Fun

    This reply was actually good, it’s not like Joey actually took time to put out a mastered diss track. Lil B dropped his diss n Joey dropped this a couple hours later. What ya expect? Hit Em Up type joint lol Lil B isnt anyone serious n im sure Lil B put out the diss just to get a buzz for that Pink Flame shit. I didnt even know of it until today lol

  • BeefIsCoolIfTheMusicIsGood

    Yall forgot how Lil B dissed Joe Budden.

  • BeefIsCoolIfTheMusicIsGood

    Lil B CAN battle. Yall are underestimating him. And im not even in that gay Task Force.

  • marty mcfly

    And just to give this some kinda rational context. Nas wrote Ether as a 28 year old platinum artist with classic under his belt as a response to the fucking Takeover. Now you honestly expect Joey to try an match Ether when addressing a diss from Lil B? Stop it, B is lucky that he his even getting a half a verse response from somebody at this point.

  • Jarvo

    If people can stop being fan boys for a minute, Both tracks were weak as all hell. Just because you say fag and bitch and all that doesn’t mean you “ether” someone and I’m a fan of both. But I have to say Lil B track is better just off the beat alone but as in diss but were wack.

  • Jarvo

    Thing I don’t get is “Don’t quit your day job” line and name of track, When Lil B job is of an rapper/entertainer so really Joey and Steez were given Lil B props? Lol

  • adolfmayne

    Lil B has classic songs motivation,age of information, the trap, turned me cold, and the growth all his songs are freestyles and joey has not made a better song than age of information lil b has started a lot of these new trends in music

  • Have Fun

    Everyone is a critic these days. Yes both songs are not the best but clearly this beef is ridiculous so why should the songs go hard. What you want to hear as a diss track when Lil B isnt really a major figure in the rap game. He has good songs but they are not classic like someone said above. Age of Information, yea its cool but I wont play it on the daily. So give Joey his props for even responding unlike other artists these days

  • marty mcfly

    @adolfmayne, Ice Cube – Today Was A Good Day, Jayz – Hard Knock Life, Wutang – C.R.E.A.M, Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See… Those are what you call classics ok and what trend did Lil B start that wasn’t already on and poppin before Lil B rapped about it? Please

  • E$EF

    Im from the SF and people dont even be bumping Lil B’s “classic” songs or any of his songs matter of fact. Yea he can rap but it’s almost an illusion coz most of them are so wack that when he puts out a good song, it seems so great. Plenty bay area rappers better than Lil B. Nickatina still better, Dregs-One, Patience, Livewire, Equito, etc. This is exactly what Lil B wants, people to talk about him again so people can be aware he got a new tape coming out. So Lil B winning in a way haha but he still weak

  • asdf

    If anything Lil B looks disrespectful as hell making a diss record cause of a line from a deceased 19-year old rapper (RIP Steez).

  • daat

    ^^^ Yes. #LongLiveSteelo

  • jc

    @j you’re acting like Age of Information is a fucking masterpiece. to my knowledge I know that only a “History of Information” professor at UC berkeley, Lil B’s hometown, used that song in his lecture. and honestly how fucking important is that class? he probably did that to keep the class somewhat interesting, considering all the students probably know who Lil B is since they go to college in berkeley lol

  • B

    Watch the video on what 9th Wonder had to say about Lil B #truth!

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    the effort to respond alone proves that the based lord wins again….. starting the year off with his name back out there


  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Joey takes a MASSIVE L for this diss. I fucks with him but…..come on cuh lol

  • dd

    man y’all dont know what you are talking about. first of all RIP to capital steez. that was his line but joey tweeted that yesterday @lilb. but lets be clear, he thought he can be reborn and better the world then killed himself. that is the stupidest thing to happen in 2012. all based god curse jokes aside. now lets talk lil b. this nigga puts out mad material like no other. period. 40 mixtapes and 4 albums (4gb myspace collection not included) in the last 2 years. who else does that? now we can discuss that most of the songs are of no importance but if you dig through all of it and sort this pile of whatever you end up with ~300 decent tracks. now lets talk how many careers lil b ended. joe budden. nobody even cares to show up to his concerts if you remember. “tshirts and buddens” straight ethered joe. period. ok who is next? david banner? RIP “I own swag” was ill you can’t deny it. now back to the joey diss. “Cause niggas know the court rule, Im on strike two
    You lost control you gonna see what LIFE do” – Lil B! this has to be the line of the year right now. he did that in under 2 minutes.
    then joey responds on a janet jackson sample? what is this? like for real. this is not good. 3 minutes and not one rememberable line. you have got to respect lil b, how he came to be and where he’s at right now

  • idk

    “sparkin up ill fuck yo bitch while im parkin the truck in the 49ers park wat?” not to mention “nigga soft imam put him in a *cough* *cough* coffin”
    I mean the shit wasn’t tht nice but u gotta laugh at the wit lil b is underestimated but I gotta give this one to joey both were tht nice tho

  • bangkadang

    he made a hot line not a hot song.

  • dcd

    you guys really think that garbage ass age of information song is dope? dudes got rocks in their ears these days…

    EVERY joey badass song is better than anything lil b has ever done. that dude is nothing more than a talentless spectacle getting views outta being a gay crackhead with a little shock value.

  • dcd

    @dd LOL at lil b ending anyone’s career. you are delusional, my dude. lil b has never in his life written anything comparable to joe budden. go listen to hollywood undead, bruh.

  • dcd

    ALSO, dude gets NO respect for putting out a million horrible songs. QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. you reggie smokin ass toddlers.

  • that truth

    trash. somebody get this little a nigga a bottle, not a mic

  • bobbychalkers

    Honestly, I know Joey is a better rapper on a technical level but I expected him to go harder than this.

  • cb

    Lil B is a chode.

  • NYdreams

    he should actually be offended at this wack ass diss he dropped lmao…. this “beef” will be forgotten tomorrow

  • Advance

    This was lame. Fuck both of them

  • d

    lyrical miracle spiritual corny bs. and the producer ain’t even loop the shit properly you can hear the gaps. all around rushed and cheesy. L

  • a

    @martymacfly chill the fuck out bruh hahaha. getting butt hurt as hell! u must ride the dick hard lmao

  • another based stan

    I give Lil B props everybody knows he’s wack, but nobody can shut him down. Niggas must have forgot about T-Shirt N Buddens.

  • IDK

    Chris Brown stay hit’n girls… Smh

  • Overall, you niggas is dumb & fall victim to the biggest picture here. Lil B is the illest of all ill. He reformed the lane of “hip hop” achieving more than Joey BadA$$ can do in a year. Not to discredit badass for doing his thing. But I’m saying clearly this ish is dumb of all fucks

  • Really Doe

    If this were 1992 this would be ok. 2013? Someone get this kid a calendar.
    Joey isn’t good even for the times.

  • marty mcfly

    @a, I dont know how you saying im dick riding, Im saying Lil B is wack as shit. It never said Joey Bada$$ was the GOAT or anything but Lil B is trash. It seems to me a few you people worship Based god for making a bunch of weak bullshit. @dd, you giving this nigga props for making bad music or decent music? GTFOH, You want people to dig through a thousand trash songs just to come up with 300 decent ones that are most likely also trash? Thats crazy and personally I think Joe Buddens is trash too but he is waaaayyyyyy better then wack ass Lil B fool. The only career Lil B ended was is own on numerous occasions. How a nigga have a billion you tube views and sell no records and get no deal. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shame on you dudes who clicked Dope but admitted to it being weak smh. Yall namekians need to be honest w/ yourselves. You know Lil B track went harder so don’t even front for the kid if though you like em. I was a fan until he got serious w/ Lil B and dropped this garbage. Now I can’t fuck w/ him until he apologizes to The Based God himself

  • Joey Wacka$$

  • David

    All ya’ll Lil B fans can play catch with brett favre with a steak knife #BEastCoast

  • Mike

    I feel like this was a track he just did with out trying.

    Sidenote: One of the greatest diss tracks(“recent”) was Rhymefest’s to Charles Hamilton. Had me on the floor. One hit Killer.

  • tropic

    he shouldve eased up on his flow…

  • Danny Brown

    Yo breaking news. All you gay fans put your feelings aside and understand this song was wack. Never heard the lil b track yet but he has zero credibility so I already know its gonna suck bad. That being said who the fucks talking about college professors playing Lil b songs in the classroom . GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. Badass way overated too. Way

  • AbsoluteProof

    For all those talking bout Joey shouldn’t have responded, lucky Lil B ain’t get mopped up forreal. You don’t come out sideways talking shit about a line a DEAD emcee (Capital Steez) said, and not expect his mans to come at you. He’s foul for that.

  • d

    You really think Lil B even knew who Steez was? Obviously not if it took him this long to drop a diss about it lol.

  • jundamane24

    Both disses are hella weak. This beef is mad boring…

  • i cant believe i read this whole page of comments.
    SUMMARY: everyone who likes lil b is retarded and cant make a real argument. everyone backing joey is named MARTY MCFLY and is getting way too pent up. i personally think this beef is coo cuz they completely opposite, lil b is a new age gimmick and joey is a wanna-be 90s rapper


  • Cali Grown

    Damn marty, you’re still in the comment section on a day to day basis? lmao

  • MIdasTongueTitusYoung

    Lil B- the world is ending is his best track. most others are meh….

    ANY joey B song kills Lil Bs ‘ish. That verse he has on 1Train off ASAPs CD is absolute fire.