Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being II (Artwork)

blame it on Meka January 30, 2013

Art by DONDA

*blank stare* March 26th, ladies and germs.

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  • C

    Wack af

  • C

    Whack af

  • whateveriguess

    I dont get it.

  • gt

    first thing first this cover is ass
    why is donda working with wayne when its a g.o.o.d thing
    actually every thing donda made as a company has been trash

  • HipHop

    I guess you ninjas would put an overpriced car, some girls, jewels, in front of a mansion, shit like that….that’s a hot cover huh?

  • richard

    I am not a human being….. I…..AM A BUTTERFLY *flaps arms*

  • wtf

    @hiphop are you gay nigga

  • tylerg

    imma diehard kanye fan. diehard. but i mean rele guys theres nothin special here its just a butterfly. someone please prove me wrong

  • chea!

    Wayne probably watched Silence of the Lambs..I understand Wayne can be wack 90% of the time but ya’ll will hate anything just to hate. It’s just cover.

  • tru

    kanye should have nothing to do with anything not involving his beats or lyrics. point blank period. this is awful, cruel summer aty was awful, watch the throne art was awful, 2 chainz art was bland, but awesome.

  • bladaoh

    wow so creative, you know a red butterfly cause that’s what wayne is. omg so deep yet so relatable. wayne is a true genius and the best rapper ever lmao

  • 215aphilliate

    so since were talking covers
    French Montana – Good Cover / Bad Album
    Lil Wayne – Bad Cover / Good Album

    personally i say its all good, who gives a shit about a cover

  • FOH

    You niggas stare at album covers all day?

    Most of y’all will just download it anyway (or not)… so, does it really matter?

  • bigErn

    silence of the lambs butterfly with red photoshop filter. Ninternet art

  • milkmedia

    it’s a moth.

  • marty mcfly

    This is a Lil Wayne album cover not a poster for the next Butterfly Effect movie. GTFOH

  • Terry

    I Am Not A Human Being 2 will be nice I’m calling it!

  • marty mcfly

    Or the Moth Diaries or some shit LOL. Wayne is not the deep so put a cartoon alien with a grill and some dreads with a guitar and call it a day.

  • JAyP

    I am just happy its not his face I am satisfied with this album cover lol

  • marty mcfly

    thAt deep so…

  • WhatRUStupid?

    glad to see you guys know the difference between a moth and a butterfly. cause this is clearly a moth. yea most of you just lost all right to talk for the night. *silenced the lambs*

  • ctwins3644


  • Isn’t this the shit Buffalo Bill put in his victims?
    Wasn’t Buffalo Bill a dick tucker?
    What Wayne tryin to tell us?

  • Read a book

    Meh..Unless there’s some connection between this cover and the “concept” behind the album, this cover seems rather random. Then again, it’s not another baby pic, so that’s good.

  • Read a book

    Man I feel stupid..I don’t know how I didn’t recognize the Silence of the lambs moth staring right at me!..Moths represent change and transformation, which I guess is what Weezy thinks he’s doing right now..Makes sense

  • Marty Mcfly

    ha say what you want but this is still better then dedication 4 cover!

  • rre

    WhatRUStupid? is that supposed to be common knowledge or something? knowing the difference between the infrared drawing of a butterfly vs a moth? yes CLEARLY this is so distinguishable!

  • Danny Brown

    Yo breaking news . Dis nigga Lil Wayne is garbage! Nufff saaaid

  • therapist

    monarch butterfly??

  • kiko

    Yo breaking news @ Danny Brown you a fucking crackhead who wishes he could collaborate with Weezy (another crackhead I know but on another level lyrically (well, he used to be.)) so people will actually listen to your shit.

  • david

    hope this shit doesnt end up in the 2DBZ top 10 albums 2013

  • BobbyWhite

    @Kiko that was one of the wackest comments I’ve ever seen

  • BG

    as im sure none of you have read the collector by john fowles i think this shares more of a correlation with that.. im just saying though

  • roy

    @david you havent even heard it you fucking faggot. typical hating ass bitch made hipster

  • sky

    Damn,niggas will hate on anything. This artwork is actually dope. I bet if the artwork was for a kendrick lamar album you niggas would be all over it.

  • umbrella33

    @sky..I totally agree, sometimes this site is a joke! They dick ride the same handful of hipster rappers that all the other “complex” affiliates rave about, if it were K.DOT or fuck’n ASAP Meka’s knee’s would be dusty from all the slurp’n. Shit is so predictable! The cover is waaay better than that white STARBUCKS ripoff cover for Cruel Summer..and MOST EVERYONE on this site ranted and raved it would be an instant classic, and it was ASS! JUS SAYN..

  • umbrella33

    If that cover had anyone BUT LIL WAYNE on it yall bish assess would be slurp’n honest with urself!..smh

  • marty mcfly

    In the last 12 months what has Lil Wayne done to make you think that now he’s gonna be rapping with some amazing level of creativity this time? Now Wayne has made some dope shit before, like years ago but when people say negative shit about Wayne in 2013 it is based on some bad music he’s put out recently. You think because of a suggestive cover that all of a sudden he’s gonna up his bars? Ok I hope thats the case but judging by the last year it doesn’t seem like Wayne has reinvented himself into a more artistic MC. I’ll believe it when I see it. If another MC used this cover, yeah it might be taken a little more serious and that makes sense. Wayne just made a video for No Worries and it was dumb as hell.

  • Pauly D

    Or maybe you’re just an idiot because you didn’t understand that the entire video of No Worries was a reference and allusion.

  • Pauly D

    You can’t listen to Rich As Fuck, Bitches Love Me and all the songs Wayne’s released late 4th Quarter/early 1st Quarter and tell me it doesn’t sound reminiscent of the C3/No Ceiling days

  • kiko

    Fact of the matter is Lil Wayne is still relevant and he has said all that he has to say. Now if he wants to rap about how much pussy he gets then as long as he puts em to hot beats that bump in the club i aint complaining.

  • marty mcfly

    @Paula, wow!!! That was such an incredible concept, wow thanks for explaining the complexities of No Worries…. LOL, and no I cant listen to the bullshit you talking about cause its bullshit. It’s just your easily impressed with Lil Wayne, while the only song Wayne has done in years that made me hit the repeat button was the Mirror joint. Dont be surprised if you take this artwork as a sign of change or evolution or a raising of the bar of excellence from Wayne and then listen to it and hear the same old bullshit. Dumbass simple minded metaphors, pointless songs, cliche subjects, terrible beats and elementary rhymes. Yeah he’ll have a good song here and there but it wont be Carter 2 or nothing and id put a bet on that.

  • Pauly D

    But what you don’t understand, marty, is that Wayne is objectively improving upon C4/D4 days.

    Again, I’m not saying that there won’t be the occasional bad metaphor (hell, No Ceilings had some of em), but that doesn’t take away from the overall greatness of the song. (And you can’t talk about “cliche” subjects when you stan Jay-Z, E40 and the like).

    Take Bitches Love Me for example. Not only is Wayne lyrically on point throughout the entire song (going against your words), but the beat is greatly crafted (also going against what you said), as well as making something with a typical subject matter about bitches seem extremely refreshing.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but as far as topics go, hasn’t Jayz and E4O shown more versatility over the years? Ok then. And yes bad metaphors do take away from the song considering it could’ve been replaced with a dope metaphor. Isn’t that Take Bitches song kinda Drake-ish in sound? So thats what you looking forward to when you see this artwork? Stop, you aint gotta convince me of your point of view because you already know the answers to anything you can imply about Wayne. Does he put out alot of bullshit? Yes, be real with yourself.

  • marty mcfly

    more versatility then Wayne that is… Most you people already know what Wayne is gonna say before you even hear it. Wayne – Im an alien nigga, yeah blah blah blah lil Tunchi, your bitch is like my seafood nigga… (wait for it, insert easy punch here) Sushi. GTFOH with that type of bullshit.

  • Cloud 9

    I think the cover looks nice. I’m not a Wayne fan at all. But I always give his projects a listen to see if they’re any good. Hopefully this one will be good he hasn’t made decent tape since no ceilings IMO

  • marty mcfly

    Oh my bad, even worse that Bitches Love Me song sounds like Future wrote the whole shit. Smh, Im not saying Wayne cant rap good at times but if some people think he might come out with some bullshit I mean really can you blame them?

  • alex brown

    nothin’ but blank stares…

  • ear2ear

    If Kanye, Andre 3000, or Mos had this as an album cover people would stop and think.

    But Lil Wayne?! Hahahahaha. That’s like going to McDonalds and sitting and down and a waiter comes to serve you and hands you a menu.

  • david

    @roy I don’t need to hear it coz I know it’s gonna be shit, Wayne doesn’t put out nice music, ever. I don’t consider him a hip-hop artist, he doesn’t represent what hip-hop’s ever been about and I put the comment coz I don’t think he should be posted about so much on a hip-hop blog. He’s not got talent, he sells himself through gimmicks and his fans come up with excuses as to why he’s nice but they just listenin coz of the gimmicks

  • Pauly D

    This is the type of shit I’m taking about. Wayne’s not a Hip Hop artist, even though he is officially RATED as one?! You people are pure idiots

  • Pauly D

    “If Kanye, Andre 3000, or Mos had this as an album cover people would stop and think.
    But Lil Wayne?! Hahahahaha.”

    You pretty much summed up how much of a contradiction Hip Hop Heads/Wayne Haters are.

  • Pauly D

    “Yeah but as far as topics go, hasn’t Jayz and E4O shown more versatility over the years? Ok then. And yes bad metaphors do take away from the song considering it could’ve been replaced with a dope metaphor. Isn’t that Take Bitches song kinda Drake-ish in sound?”

    First, other than DRAKE IN THE HOOK, Bitches Love Me sounds NOTHING like anything on Take Care, So Far Gone, or anything related to Drake. And E-40 and Jay-Z have shown more versatility? Really? That’s just your bias. Jay-Z has essentially rapped about the same shit throughout the years, but you don’t take offense to that? Okay.

  • iamnmai

    Really? Minimal red cover with a black font? Thank you Kanye West, this sure doesn’t look like every other G.O.O.D Music cover. AT ALL.

  • david

    @Pauly D you may rate Wayne as a hip-hop artist but he ain’t one, he’s pop/rap, hip-hop’s a culture and Lil Wayne doesn’t represent that culture, he’s a gimmick

  • Pauly D

    David, are you an idiot? Wayne is HIP HOP because he is labeled as one by multiple Hip Hop fans and critics. If you’re so stupid and illogical that you can’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you.

    + Pop Rap is a part of Hip Hop. It’s known as a SUB GENRE. Just like METAL is a subgenre of ROCK.

  • david

    @Pauly D No metal is it’s own genre too. Rock was born from blues music, so by your logic rock is a sub-genre of blues, metal is a sub-genre of rock, thrash metal is a sub-genre of metal making thrash metal a sub-sub-sub-genre?
    Rock is it’s own genre with blues influence, metal is it’s own genre with rock influence, pop rap is a hybrid genre of pop + rap, IMO rap is different to hip-hop in the way that it’s built around gimmicks (making it easy to merge with pop) whilst hip-hop is a culture and a genre that often touches upon lifestyles lead by those involved in the culture

  • chyup

    ^^^this nigga david hella gay

  • chyup

    and waynes wack now, needs to get back on drugs, carter 2 or D2 (whichever came first) – no ceilings were straight bars, ya’ll niggas needa give wayne his respect where it’s due. plus he lightweight fuckeed up the mixtape game


    Hard to believe that with all these comments, there isn’t anyone even mentioning the Monarch mind-control symbolism of the butterfly. and what’s the small symbol in the middle? Obvious Illuminati style symbolism here. But then again, heads don’t even notice 5 baphomet’s covering Watch The Throne’s cover, so why would anyone catch this? The blind masses …

  • I’d rather listen to ATLiens

    this minimalist approach to things is getting out of hand…though lil wayne is a minimalist as his art(rhymes) are showcases of that very logic…its systematically dumbing down the listener…We need substance and complexity though there is room for minimalism as well