MED & Blu Announce Madlib-Produced EP

blame it on Shake January 30, 2013

Next month, MED and Blu are teaming up for a five-vocal track EP over Madlib production (Georgia Anne Muldrow has one beat as well) entitled The Burgundy EP. Hit the jump for the tracklist and head to Stones Throw to pre-order.

01 Burgundy Whip f. Jimetta Rose (prod. Madlib)
02 The Arrangement (prod. Madlib)
03 This is Your Life (Gee-Mix) (prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
04 Burgundy Whip (Instrumental) (prod. Madlib)
05 Burgundy Whip (Acapella)
06 Belly Full f. Black Spade (prod. Madlib)
07 This is Your Life (Gee-Mix Instrumental) (prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
08 Belly Full (Instrumental) (prod. Madlib)
09 Belly Full (Acapella)


  • realtalk™

    Blu & MED over Madlib production.. really looking forward to this shit..

  • im guessing these beats are from that ill fated Blu/Madlib “UCLA” joint that blu posted on his bandcamp?

    i know burgundy whip was on there

  • gregory kruxx.

    6 years ago I would been hyped. Now. Nah Blu’s not impressive anymore

  • Real and Realistic Blu Fan

    ^ this guy is an idiot. LOL. Below The Heavens fans, SIGH … Blu has put out so much dope shit over the last couple years its crazy. So impressive. Every verse is too dope. Sure he’s had a few lower quality projects, as far as actual lower quality sound, lol. But he’s dropped so many dope misc. tracks and features its hard to believe sometimes the amount of work he has out. LEGEND already. No doubt.

  • this dude…

    ^i agree, he’s crafted a lot of great music, i wish he would stop shooting himself in the foot with his career choices though. a lot of those projects will never get the shine they deserve because he fucks around and puts shit out the wrong way (im still waiting on my give me my flowers box set!!)

    that being said, i really can’t think of another mc in his league lyrically

  • I got my box set ^ lol. Word, I agree Blu is a legend in the making, if not a legend already.

  • Ox..westup22

    yooo!! super dope!! MED.. MADLIB .. OX CITY REPRESENT!!! … (OXNARD, CA (805).) .. smoked w med before.. chill dude

  • Danny Brown

    Is this worth buying ?