• realtalk™

    I wish this was the last song about molly, period.
    that shit is lame af

    then again the artists i listen to dont do that silly shit

  • jape

    this shit sucks. stop rapping. read a damn book.

  • PaperKut

    What happened to Plan B? Prob's a problem and Do Mine Like This were dope

  • MewLover34

    Why is this not getting any love, bad chorus aside, it's dope.

  • Meh

    "We all know how unoriginal mainstream hip hop can be. It seems every song that makes its way to the radio and/or club features a reference to the “popular” drug of choice, Molly." That shit pisses me off...you know damn well half of the "underground" rappers you clearly dickride rap about Molly, too.

  • 5th

    This some of the worst shit I've heard in years

  • purdylongmoney

    doped it for the trinidad verse

  • chronwell

    These three artists may one day refuse to listen to "music like this" cuz hopefully they know longer sticking chemicals in their nose to feel vibrant and sexy. Nigga U should already be fuckin vibrant and sexy wihtout unnatural shit like Zannies and Molly!! Smoke weed evryday!