• Cool Larry

    Is this crowd full of 10yr olds? They ain't hip to Push or shit he's sayin..smh.

  • ddf

    push aint hip period

  • cb

    Near fatal??? Rozay wasn't hit by a bullet and was uninjured in the wreck. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING FATAL. His weight puts him closer to death than the drive-by and miss did. Je Chri.

  • ree

    ^any drive-by/assassination attempt is near fatal, stop being so petty and spiteful

  • KIM

    @ddf He more hip then yo faggot ass

  • cb

    Get off your high horse. Anything could be labeled as near fatal then. I've gone skydiving. It was near fatal, but I landed safely with a parachute.

  • keefer

    FOH pusha t is one of the rawest in the game. and his mixtape was VERY G.O.O.D. !!