50 Cent, Kidd Kidd & Kendrick Lamar – We Up (Preview)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

In what is sure to be a single off 50 Cent’s upcoming album Street King Immortal LP, Curtis dresses up and sashays with a couple beauties in this 2-minute video preview. The full song, which will feature both Kidd Kidd and Kendrick Lamar;  is supposedly landing on Kidd Kidd’s upcoming tape as well.

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  • justenjoythisshit

    wow, that was dope. didn’t expect that at all. he should keep that sound and energy and stop making those fake aggressive gangsta records.

  • trufax

    I’m not even close to a 50 cent fan. But I admit that this is great.
    If the artist makes a good song it’s a good song. Hands down

  • crackadon

    i agree with both of you ^

    this shit is sick

    i don’t ever really fuck with 50’s music like this, but this song is completely on point

  • 44wade

    I heard this was just a Kidd Kidd track but whatever its dope but i prefer his real aggressive gangsta records cause no one is built like 50.

  • VJ

    AT MOTHERFUCKING LAST. A dope ass 50 joint, where he spitting REAL. This beat should suit Kendrick nicely.

  • Adi Pre

    Yeah this is sick…good look Fiddy.

  • Silky Johnson

    Kendrick is better than this.

    Sad to see him succumbing to industry pressures. You can go mainstream without doing songs with 50 Cent. Who’s next, Will.I.Am?

    Also, this nigga Curtis said ‘epiphamy ‘ lol

  • VJ

    How is this industry though?

  • iamlegend24

    To silky Johnson shut the Fuck up how is this industry there both on the same damn label it was bound to happen soon can’t wait to hear the full song

  • Jay

    @Silky Johnson

    Why do people feel the need to dictate what an artist does in their career? Kendrick Lamar credits 50 cent as being one of his biggest inspirations, so this record could be somewhat of a scratch off of his bucket list of artists that he wants to work with. I mean, they are label mates on Aftermath and Interscope. Being that K. Dot & 50 are the only two active rappers out of the 4 on Aftermath, this could very well be a “crew” record.

  • Raymond

    Dope! Stop sleeping on the real BOSS! And Kendrick will rip this beat

  • Silky Johnson

    Biggest inspirations? Nigga please.

    All he said was seeing 50’s early mixtapes ‘inspired’ him to drop his own.

    Not “50’s wordplay, metaphors and storytelling on Get Rick or Die Trying really made me the rapper I am today”.

    50 Cent is a mediocre rapper who lucked out during a time when over the top Gangsta Rap was ‘in’, backed by one of the best producers of all time. And the Em association helped too. He has some club bangers, admittedly.

    But it’s embarrassing for this 37-year old ‘businessman’ and self-claimed entrepreneur to shoot videos with ratchet hoes grinding on him while singing “I’m strapped with the glock”.

    You can grow old gracefully and rap about diamond chains and Maybach’s all you want. See Carter, Sean.

    Just leave out the drug, guns and murder references, drop the fake Scarface persona, coz you ain’t living that life Curtis.

  • Raymond

    ^^^Nigga please!

  • Silky=bitchmade

    Silky Jonhson,
    If 50 raps about money, people say 50 is bragging and all he does is rap about his money.
    If 50 raps about his past life selling coke in Queens, you say you ain’t living that life.
    YOU JUST HATE 50. admit it, you are a hater.

  • joe cooch

    so what happened to the link anyone have one that works?

  • I’m fucking with this heavy

  • @Silky Johnson.
    If it aint broke don’t fix it. At the end of the day, he is a “business man”.

  • capsule

    50 established a dope flow for this one

  • j

    this the growth we all wanted big up 50.. dont have to sell out and appear to be trying too hard to pull off something different

  • ear2ear

    Not even a big 50 fan, but this sounds nice. Great beat and vibe. Give credit where it’s due.

  • jv

    @silky johnson you should think before you speak man.

  • betterthandis


  • C


  • Moe

    Great song. Fuck the haters….