Chance The Rapper - Juice (Video)

Directed by Austin Vesely

Chance is currently working on a new project, Acid Rap, and this banger is the first offering from it. Meanwhile, 10 Day is still a great listen if you haven't bumped it yet.

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  • Longhorn

    I don't know how anyone likes this guy. Hes gotta have tbe most annoying voice in rap. I cant get pass that to get to his lyrics


    DOPE. I actually like his voice. pause. Its unique and lets him sing a lot of his own hooks and adds another aspect to his music. Definitely give 10day a listen. You wont regret it.

  • blackfeet

    Damn, this is the jam

  • J-$


  • Danny Brown

    This guys like Charles Hamilton gone bad

  • chances vagabond

    I Iike how he can be that animated in nyc and no one there gives a fuck lol. anyhoo... dope song

  • Bishop

    great song and great video... If he didn't have the voice, singy song flow, he'd be average as fuck and just some blog rapper. Dude has mad potential and could possibly blow up if he makes the right moves. Not sure why niggas like Kanye and them don't cosign cats like this. He's from Chicago...

  • grandma.

    i think this is what i wanted from cudi.
    or maybe it's a good charlesXcudi hybrid.
    i don't know.
    but this is dope.

  • spewing

    His voice might just be more annoying than Danny Brown's...

    Dude killed it on Childish Gambino's mixtape, but haven't heard anything else I like from him.

  • JoshRichRapsOfficial

    Out of everything out right now this is my most highly anticipated mixtape.

  • LB

    a rappin Dwele-type shit?? this shit dope right here! real shit.

  • Ramonst3r

    This is straight heat. Chi town, JCP reppin.


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