Drake To Release New Single on Grammy Night?

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

A little while back we caught behind-the-scenes pictures of Drake shooting a video in Toronto. Now, Billboard has confirmed that the Toronto native is scheduled to release the first single (rumored to be titled “Started From The Bottom”) off his next album the night of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on February 10th. UPDATE: Word is, we might be hearing it sooner though.

  • Lynxbowski

    Oh god just what pop music needs the teenage girls are gonna go crazy

  • Adi Pre

    ^ Fuck outta here. I’m looking forward to it, any new music is welcome.

  • Untuchd_reno

    ^^ agreed. I’m stoked as fuck for it. I wonder who is on the production. Probably 40.

  • Been waiting for some new Drake for a minute now, it’s about time

  • JustRapNigga!!

    It’s going to be singing isn’t it? When Drake wants to rap, he can, the singing is a bit over the top, but like ^ said, new music is new music.


    any new music is welcome????? You sound completely gay!

    Yall mothafuckas always hating on this nigga but as soon as he finna drop something new u hop right back on his dick smh

  • Johnnyfearar

    Drake is the Best doing it right now. Regardless of what the Haters say. Yes better than your favorite rapper. With the exception of the greats like Em, ye, Jay, nas, and three stack. He is the leader of the new young niggas.

  • Adi Pre

    Cool Larrt…are you some kinda ass licking fuckfart…Yeah I said it, any new music is welcome considering the amount of other bullshit that’s out at the moment so go fuck yourself. As for jumping on his D, I’ve been a fan since day, so again go fuck yourself and get the fuck off the post if you intend to hate.

  • Wheelchair Jimmy

    this nigga lame af. shits gotta be softer than a baby wipe

  • west

    ^ you saound like drake fucked you and never called you back.

  • Danny Brown

    Drakes new verse
    ” singing*
    ohhhh keesha I miss ya how you been this semesta? Did you get good grades? Did you get gooood grraaaay aaayeee AIIIDDS ?
    *begins to rap
    Girl told u bout fuckin with them niggas
    I told u I’m not like other niggas ohhhh
    I gotta lotta feelings that I do showww
    Sry love gotta head to my next showwww
    Ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh kesshaaaa

  • Dead @ Good graaa aayye aids?! That’s clever homie

    Can’t wait for this to drop you already know the man who elevated ASAP rocky n Kendrick is the realest doin it

    • Ghost of Christopher Wallace

      Here we go with the “elevated kendrick” bullshit….fuck out of here. Did he put kendrick on to drake fans? Yea he did that, but Kendrick’s talent is what elevated kendrick.

  • Master Lee

    I’m excited for Drizzy’s new album. The haters are always going to hate. I’m sure the new music is going to be dope.

  • Drakeisrapsavior

    ay aint nobody talkin shit bout the boy from up nort. drizzy is tha new class feel me. u thought BIG was bad, u thought 2pac could rap. peep my nigga drizzy new album duns

  • Truth Siren

    Can’t believe you flaming queens still checking for this lame nigga ya’ll the type of niggas who probably hold ya bitch’s purse sissy ass muthafuckas

  • 1hunnit

    All I wanna know is, given the supposed title of this track..what “bottom” did you start from Drake? Stick to what you know man, everyone knows you didn’t have it hard growing up man.

    With that being said, should be interesting to hear what this sounds like to say the least.

  • Fuck Your Opinion Im Right Nigga

    Real talk Drake has been killin shit for a minute, You can’t deny that.

  • LupeX

    To the hipsters – Nothing about U is real, bandwagoning from the jump. Your whole steez is fake, U aint cool cuz U Hate on Drake!

  • daddy

    oh wow a new single….this nigga never drops anything. like shit, be more persistent.