Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE Goes Gold

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

With a fight with Chris Brown in the past and a Grammy performance in the future, Frank Ocean can celebrate in the middle as his Def Jam debut channel ORANGE has surpassed 500k shipped. Shouts to hhnm on the info.

  • Smh

    You mean to tell me this is just now going Gold??? LMAO 2Chainz album did better then this faggot piece of shit Ha!


    @Shake celebrate? this album has been out over half a year now and it’s just now hitting the 500K mark, i dont under why this website gets happy about mediocre sells while TS is selling a mill in one week

    B4 the homo frank fans attack me just know i’m not hating just speaking the truth

  • drew

    Wait til people who live under rock but have tv see he’s nominated for 6 grammies! frank is good money dont let him win album of the year (which he deserves) bet you jumpin back on his dick!

  • rree

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  • kamu

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  • spewing


    No one is doing big numbers anymore. It’s a big thing to go gold or platinum these days. Have you been living under a rock?

  • i know why u mad

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  • Nasty

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  • Going Gold in ths day and time is an accomplishment and he did it with no promo really. Congrats Frank Ocean