Joe Budden – Last Day f. Juicy J & Lloyd Banks

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

Joe Budden’s No Love Lost is ready to hit stores and iTunes this Tuesday (Feb. 5). And with that said, here goes another preview (courtesy of UHTN) for y’all to vibe to.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Banks killed it.

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    Ye Banks killed it and it sounds like a Banks track featuring Joe i couldn’t listen to Juicy Js part i had to remove him but overall good track.

  • Gunz

    this is dope

  • justin herschel

    the album is dope, but this song and NBA are commercial trash. Come on 2dopeboyz support real music. Tracks like Castles or Skeletons ft. Joell Ortiz & Crooked I & Also Tracks like Runaway & Tell Him Somethin & The Title Track No Love Lost!!!!!! This song Last Day is club garbage

    • Blackout

      @Justin Herschel : This is an transition album, Budden is tryin somethin new and dats dope. NBA & Last Day are bangers, better than his Def Jam album and overall we can find real budden song, the tracks that you are sayin ;)

  • ^^ politics. that is all.

  • danjamouf

    Joe Budden made an R&B album hahaha, r&b niggas on every hook, even the album cover gay like Andre Young, guess they all sell out at some point. Slaughterhouse is dead as fuck

  • Mofo’s need to stop w/ the whole Slaughterhouse sold out and so has Joey. Once you’re at a certain point in your career dealing with LABELS commercial records are GOING TO HAPPEN, simple as that. You make it seem as if Juicy by BIG wasn’t commercial (of the 90s it was), or How Do You Want It by 2Pac. Those songs weren’t the fuckin best on that album but catered to those demographics.

    Joe Budden, with the arm support he has right abt now, he wants to stretch his reach as much as possible. And it shows, does that mean he sold out? NO. That just mean, you fucks dnt want him to try different shit but the same ole shit that will have him below the bracket he’s trying to achieve. Hate it or love it, YOU MAKE the fuckin music if you dnt like it. Simple as that.

  • OH! Dope tune! #Replay

  • Leeroy

    That nigga Budden outta control on this shit. Banks went for blood too.

  • killaaaaa

    this is a Banks track, produced by A6, hes worked with him on V6 (lol).

  • chuck

    this shit bangs. damn.

  • 2dope4nope

    it’s an okay album but like person said “Joe Budden made an R&B album hahaha, r&b niggas on every hook” that shit is true that emanny dude mostly on all hooks to me nothing can top MM3 of his entire career!

  • marty mcfly

    Tell Joey and Banks to give 2 Chainz his style back.

  • Eli Whitney

    I’m better than all these niggas

  • YOOO

    Mcfly ur the biggest faggot on earth. Titty boy was in his moms titty when banks use to rap like that u fuck face retard. smh I feel bad for u

  • spewing

    @Ill Son

    Those songs you mentioned are still good though. These garbage kind of beats that these commercial tracks have are simply not good. They all sound the fucking same.

  • reee

    i agree with marty banks aint never rapped like this. and if he did it was so long ago that no one remembers. he aint rapped like this ever as far as im concerned. he’s obviously being influenced by 2 chain and dickridings. its funny how the hipsters favorites want to be the rappers that all the hipsters claim aint real hip hop

  • Harsh

    your life is like a movie because you do crack?, you say niggas wanted you dead, doing crack you wanted yourself dead? and why do you even talk about drugs you ain’t the dopeman your the junkie. and you couldn’t get fans with your music so you got a TV show about your life that’s what bitches crying and shit you realhouswife ass nigga

  • 2Deep

    @reee, @mcfly

    what the hell are you idiots talking about? Banks sounds nothing like 2 Chainz on this track.

    Are you two deaf?

  • marty mcfly

    Oh my bad Banks sounded like Scooby Doo doing a 2 Chainz impression then. Banks is wack too and has been wack since he made the Cake record like 6 years ago. Go listen to Mercy or basically any record from 2 Chainz. Not only is wack ass Joe Boredom and Lloyd Scooby Doo Blanks biting his style but damn near everybody is running with 2 Chainz style these days. Stop that shit and again Banks been trash for the last half decade. FOH

  • marty mcfly

    Lloyd Blanks aka Scooby Doo Doo

  • 2Deep

    @marty mcfly

    LOL. So i take it you’re still bumpin’ Illmatic everyday? The Back to The Future soundtrack? what..

  • marty mcfly

    At the moment Im listening to a mix I made of songs from the Disposable Arts album and A Long Hot Summer album from Masta Ace. Some shit that Scooby will never be dope enough to ever make and as far as gangsta shit goes, Id rather listen to Game, 50 or even Prodigy over Lloyd Blanks anyday.

  • BangEm

    these niggas hate to the max! lol posting multiple times on the song. yall some corny ass suburban niggas. not even them chillin ass surbuban niggas neither LOL! shit go hard

  • pharaoh

    @marty just kill yourself or shut the fuck up. you’re on banks’ nuts with all of your hatred for him. do you get paid to blog on this site? you hate on every banks-related post. let me put it in a way you’ll understand; saying BANKS is biting 2CHAINZ style is like saying KANYE is jacking FUTURE’S style. blind stupidity. the fact that you prefer garbage rappers over a legend of an emcee like Lloyd Banks, shows that nothing you say has any coherency nor validity. GO LISTEN TO YOUR 2CHAINZ AND FUTURE, FUCKBOY.