JoJo Simmons – Holy Water (Juelz Santana Diss)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

It seems as the lost member of the Simmons family has taken offense to a certain line Juelz Santana said on “Soft” and has decided to respond with a diss track.

Only Diggy can squash this!

  • rsx

    Just because you’re using Push’s beat, you have the right to use his echgk! adib? fyck you

  • payattention

    this is games beat^^^ ft. Pusha………

  • awye

    juelz has fallen off but that nigga jojo was never on to begin with…im sure it sucks when ur baby bro takes your career path and does more than you did xD

  • PoseidonRAPS

    This nigga Jo Jo is a Jo Joke… Somebody get this nigga his little brother Diggy’s rhyme book!

  • Jordan

    Jojo & Diggy better get used to these types of disses because they won’t stop anytime soon. It should be motivation for them to step their game up

  • TKO

    stop crying jojo…=****(

  • Quickstrike

    Not half bad. He’s Jojo so I understand niggas willing to hate immediately but I think the young boy should be given a chance to prove what he’s really about. Diggy hasn’t done shit his album bricked he only git a little buzz for coming at Cole. Both of them do however need a fair shake and be judged on their own and not by their last names.

  • silence

    This was this way better than bada$$es lil B diss actually. Nigga actually came with some contextual jabs.

  • LB

    um…real shit, jojo fvcked up with this move. coming from a person that has the same name as…”demonstrate” singer? u aint running wit vets and harlem bred n!ggas. just saying.

  • RiseFromDiChalice

    this fool is whack, he needs to leave the studio and get his ass another career. music aint your thing booboo, shut the fuck up.

  • Maga D

    Yo that’s a legitimate diss, props Jojo. Everything he said was true on the real.