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  • http://phantom-fink.tumblr.com Phantom_FInk

    well i get to See Kanye tomorrow, right here in South Africa, gonna be a dope ass concert

  • http://www.dopexglow.com LB

    he should have had off set lights behind him to offset the shadows. show was dope though.

  • Check with Bishop on c5

    @Phantom I wish I could go man... I stay in CT though, always biased with you joburg motherfuckers... Cape Town is so much better lol

  • http://breezyexcursion.com eBagatron

    Anybody else goes on stage in that getup, autotuning, and c-section would rip 'em to shreds. Ye always get a pass though lol. I'm a fan, but dude is just off. And miss me with that "artsy/creative" bull. Haha.