Random Acts Of F*ckery: Oh, Frenchie Edition

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

During an conversation with Rap-Up, French Montana felt the need to call his upcoming LP Excuse My French the “best album to come out in a decade.” No, you read that right. And while I don’t know French personally (and I hear he’s a “good guy”), but this is just… laughable? Do I enjoy some of his music? When the situation calls for it, yes. But… it’s mostly for the other people on the songs. We might as well call this a compilation anyways, as we all know there will be 50-11 features sprinkled all over it. Anyways, lets open up the comment section down bottom so the dopeboyz/girlz can express their feelings. Maybe I’m hating, maybe I’m not. I just know damn well, there is no possible way French Montana will have the BEST album in the last 10 years.

  • Excuse his French, I think he meant best album HE’S dropped in the last decade.

  • Adi Pre

    If Bronson and Harry Fraud are on every track maybe it will be.

  • lamusicadeharryfraud

    of course his album will not be the best album of the last decade, but hes got to stand behind his own work, cause if hes not 110% behind it nobody else will be. I’m glad to hear hes working with harry fraud, if he can get that wavy feel from mac and cheese 2 back than the album will be decent

  • t-mac

    your a dick bro..

  • Danny Brown

    You’re an a hole shake. Be cautious next time you promote something like your shitty clothing line

  • gregory kruxx.

    dudes takin too much molly with those statements


    LMFAO!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA not even close, plus….wait why would i waste my time explaining myself, good trap musc tho lol

  • ‘sheed

    hahaha why shake even care tho

  • “Excuse My French” is becoming an evermore appropriate title.

  • Slaughterhouse

    He won’t even drop the best album of whatever day it ends up coming out on.

  • bigboi

    Why is shake so hurt? What does it matter what a retard like french, who can’t even stand still while doing an interview, has to say. Let the man believe what he wants, everybody knows he is wrong but no one cares.

  • who cares

    Every time he opens his mouth I start hating him more.

  • DBS

    I’m pretty sure it’s not even the best album dropping that day.

  • T-Luv

    Even if it was the best album to drop this decade no one would say that just because its French…

  • Jordan

    Why does he talk clear and concise, but rap like he’s retarded?

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Lol you’re such a hating ass bitch shake. Dumb statement regardless but shake is a bitch ass nigga. French makes some dope shit.

  • justsaying

    LMAO!! pardon me i had to laugh at that *jay z voice*

  • kamu

    A New York guy that mostly makes music with a southern feel. Yup be will have the best album of the decade lmao!!!!! That’s what happens when u sign with puff and make songs with a bunch of wack rappers.

  • Of course he’s gonna say that. no matter how wrong he is.
    Remember when that goof Wale called “Ambition” a classic??

  • I listen to A LOT of music…but the only French Montana song I can name is “Pop That.” A strip club/club anthem song does not equal you to have an album that’s the best in a DECADE. You gotta be friggin jokin!! c’mon son!

  • the realest

    lol the sad part is that it is.

  • the realest

    “Maybe I’m hating”

    no, you’re hating. but i wouldnt expect anything else.

  • At least the album cover looks dooe

  • ^^^Correction^^^

    I meant album cover looks dope!! My bad

  • Dont Worry

    the album with most definitely be trash. But I think an artist should feel like his album is the best thing coming out. So I cant hate or get mad at that statement.

  • And 1

    Makes me want to hear it

  • Joe

    kanye shrug lmfao

  • A to the S

    These rappers these days! They know their music is temporary and no matter how great production there is behind those tracks they still do sound the same that no real hip hop heads bounce with them. excuse my english!

  • DJ Daz-One

    Until I tossed in a grave I’m just rolling in my bed right now. Who in the hell do you think you are Big Pun – Biggie – LL Cool J – Rakim – GangStarr – Nas – Jay Z – Redman cause all of them had classic albums. Your sniffing to much of that Coke Boy crap.

  • JPM

    ^^Name a classic album by Redman lol

  • JPM

    He’s should try for the last 3 years.. If he can beat “good kid, mAAd city” and “Take Care” I’ll bow at his feet.. maybe kiss his toes too.. And I’ll be honest bout it

  • marty mcfly

    @ JMP, Most would say Dare Iz A Darkside or Muddy Waters but personally Doc’s Da Name 2000 is my favorite Redman album and to me its a classic and I dont give a fuck what nobody say. That album is pure Redman insanity from start to finish.

  • Holster Holly

    lol shake a pussy. I respect him standing behind his craft.

  • dcd

    i love how many people dissed shake in here yet they’re on his website reading his posts…

  • trueshit

    hol up…puff on the album. clearly a winner. hands down (clearly sarcasm)

  • IV

    I get you aren’t going to come out and say your shit is wack, but base a response in reality. I have heard Schoolboy Q asked in interviews if he feels Oxymoron will be a classic. He gives the right answer that’s fot you to decide not me. French needs to fall back or just go off the edge and say he is going to cream every Taylor Swift albums first day records. I mean if what your smoking on is strong let it be that bat shit crazy strong if stupid statements like that are coming out your mouth. Just as Good as The Game saying Jesus Piece was gonna be the New Chronis haha.

  • Aye

    lol the sad part is that it is.
    the realest said this on January 31st, 2013 at 9:33 pm