Your 2Dope Opinion: Do You Want a G-Unit Reunion?

blame it on Shake January 31, 2013

So what does Game do when Banks is saying nada, Yayo misses the old days, 50 Cent thinks a reunion is “unlikely” and Buck is locked up? Starts a petition for an official G-Unit reunion on Facebook (w/ Swagg-Ink) of course.

The petition has just under 5k signatures at the time of this post so if you’d like to add to that click here. My question is this though, would y’all actually want to see these guys back together? I was definitely a fan of them back in the day but times have changed. Do you think the changes each artist has gone through would mess with their chemistry? Would it even be an ‘honest’ reunion or just a ploy for money? Let us know your thoughts on the whole thing in the comment section below.

UPDATE: Curtis says no.

  • Even if they did link up fans would complain it wouldnt be up to par with their early material.

  • They had their moment, move on. I’ll be cool with a Banks mixtape and a couple-few interviews with 50 Cent clownin’ these WWE rappers.

  • Donnie Genesis

    I dont care about any of their new music, just perform a couple of the old songs live. Why mess with what was good.

  • Derrty

    in the end when they were together they brought the best outta each other. Nas & Jay can do it, its a win. G-Unit does it, something special is gonna come outta it. im all for it!

  • Untuchd_Reno

    First off let me start by saying NO WAY do I wanna see or hear a reunion from G-Unit.
    Lets go over the current situation for each of these artist. Yayo has been garbage his entire career and has rode 50’s coat tails from day 1. Buck was decent as a solo artist but what have we heard from him lately? I can imagine his quality of music would be up to par. Banks (who besides Game) was my favorite member of the gang. He is still putting out quality music, and IMO is doing just fine as a solo artist. Game, who as I stated is and always will be my favorite member. I remember where I was the day I heard that 50 was kicking him out of the group, and since that day I’ve been riding with Game since. Game is the ONLY one still making “studio” records, and putting up numbers. With a ton of diss tapes and IMO 3/5 classic albums under his belt what would he gain from this?! The only way I’d go for it is if Game would get the last verses on the songs so he could “Yukmouth” 50. That brings me to the boss man 50. Lets remember GRODT was a classic, plain and simple. But after that he slowly just slipped. He cared more about being an entrepreneur then a rapper. That’s fine. All in all I think it’s a stupid Idea that I hope never happens. 50, Yayo and Buck should just keep doing whatever it is they do now and leave the music making to Game and Bank.
    Great topic Shake.

  • 2dope4nope

    Unlikely highly but would be something and that first tape DOPE plus saw Kevin James in that kings of queens while flipping channels with a G Unit tee haha back in the days vibe *sidenote* just update us on PLKs tape release and I’m good!

  • What

    Wow, this .jpg is insane! Great job to whoever that made it!

  • marty mcfly

    Id like to see it but I know they aint got that hunger anymore cause they literally no longer hungry. The passion and sense of urgency is gone BUT in a controlled manner maybe for just one project and not on a album level because people will just hate before even hearing it but if it was a mixtape like the G Unit Return Of The Body Snatchers tape, that would be dope. Any fans of gangsta music cant really front on G Unit because these four on the same songs would be a problem and its that simple but I know it wont happen though.

  • marty mcfly

    and make it a Whoo Kid tape full of gunshots and comedic skits like back n the day and that would be crazy.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    I do want some new music from Gunit. Just 50 Banks and Yayo though. But I really mean just 50 and Banks with Yayo adlibsa and maybe a verse or two.

  • Mike

    Only if Game and Buck are in…Other than that, I could just ride with Banks. He drops acceptable shit.

  • Killaaa

    Banks is the only one i still fuck

  • Killaaa

    *with lol

  • Chris

    How you gonna be dissing the shit outta each other then just be cool again?? It’d be dope to have another G-Unit album with 50, Banks, & Yayo though.

  • ear2ear


  • Tekwon

    No thanks. They had their 15 mins. I would much rather hear a Living Legends crew album again or something rather then G Unit.

  • Jdjfjc

    Hell no, game is on another level compared to the rest. If anything its a step backwards for him.

  • OK, a reunion.

  • 44wade

    bottom line is people say 50 and them fell off but actually no they are still making the same kinda music but your taste in music has switched and their style of new york gangsta rap isn’t whats hot in todays industry i dont listen to all this new shit and southern shit so i still like their music and over all it would be dope for hip hop cause no one did it like guint did but they achieved so much success so quick the only thing for them to do is fall down

    that was real talk your welcome

  • DJ Daz-One

    First off why all this reunion talk when a guy named Curtis drops its two strongest weapons from the front lines. The Game sold more records than Banks & Yayo and Young Buck was a better rapper than Banks & Yayo. Lloyd Banks had the better records “On Fire” “Warrior” “Karma” & “I’m So Fly” – Buck had “Let Me In” “Stomp” and dope verses from Stunt 101 – I Want To Get Know Ya – Solider – Right Thurr RMX and so much more. What has Tony Yayo done NOTHING. To make a long story short Game is getting married living off the fruits of his labor, 50 is well being 50 lol so there is no need to see a reunion. G Unit was good in early 2000’s but now well its just not so simple then.

  • jwiii


  • Nuff

    with Game yes!

  • marty mcfly

    At the end of the day people gonna want that old thing back cause the new shit is just not that dope these days. Its ok or meh but it aint too much straight up dope shit no more on a regular. Everybody is either in Drakes lane trying to make some 40 sounding melodic type shit with a Drake-ish sounding hook or they in 2 Chainz lane trying to make some south shit and really the 2 Chainz cadence and flow is getting used so much these days its ridiculous. Most of the biggest records now either have Drake or 2 Chainz already on them or they got Ross or Future trying to do an impression of them. Or even worse they got French Montana trying to hold a note and going ahhh over and over. People might not want then G Unit reunion but its not like the artists out now are really poppin like how the Unit was or not even close. As far as aggressive street shit goes, only the vets are still in that lane, the rest of the new school is making the most safest and friendly songs they can. G Unit was just raw energy from the streets and that spirit in hip hop is damn near gone. Also Jay Electronica didnt come out last year and that spirit of just bar for bar pure lyricism is also not what it should be in hip hop. Just saying and thats why some people are not really into this new shit like that.

  • david

    No… but a DITC, Juice Crew, ATCQ or Hieroglyphics re-union, hell fuckin yeah,

  • marty mcfly

    Not talking about all the underground cats btw, SOME of them is still dope (Curren$y needs an award for holding it down in his dimension), but as for the artists actually being heard in the game. Everybody cant be sounding like Drake or 2 Chainz all the damn time this year and that dont mean go back to 2011 and try to make records like Ross either. Smh im done

  • Jus10

    Start an OutKast reunion petition, please.

  • Lampz

    Haha, you’re talking about the underground and then you mention Curren$y…

  • adi Pre

    Move on G-Unit.

  • kimjong

    marty mcfly is stupid.. Games last album was nothing but him trying to sound like other rappers. A reunion would bring wack music. Crazy enough I kinda want to see it still. Fuck what marty talking bout, I could give three shits as to what is played on the radio & tv. For the most part mainstream hip-hop is dead to me… Let the yuppies have it.

  • h-21

    i’d rather see a new g-unit with 50, banks, yayo, nipsey hussle, big k.r.i.t., freddie gibbs and saigon.

  • reew

    For what? Nostalgia? Fuck that. Too many living in the past because they have no future

  • hustla013

    i would love to see them together,but that petition sunds more to me like ‘do u want us makin money?’..if u wanna do it,just do it and see the response…

  • We all can AGREE to “Return Of The Body Snatchers”, was classic G-Unit. WITHOUT, YB & Game. And the records w/ Young Buck was sub par. The genuine original brand; 50 Cent, Yayo, and Banks is what put them in the position of the light outside of 50 putting out GRODT! Beg For Mercy, was a genuine classic but they were all in a different space; broke, hungry, and raw. That including; Young Buck to the brand and w/o Yayo cuz of his living arrangements. But 2003, they were ON TOP of being raw, hungry, and focused. In today’s climate, you can’t get that SAME breath of fresh air. With Game trying to sound like EVERYONE instead of creating his own sound via Doctor’s Advocate/Documentary. And Buck being isolated by the same 4 walls for the time being. And Banks being honestly the only member creating the BEST music out of the 5 (IMHO). It would be a waste of time (on the fans behalf, and G-Unit) for the lack of potential it will receive after ppl (or “fans”) don’t take kind to the 1st 3 songs they hear, especially after the 1st track, seriously.

  • Da Spaniard

    With Buck and Game yes! Get em Buck!

  • CU

    Why don’t we do a Murder Inc and Rough Riders Reunion while we’re at it.

  • Good Peoples!

    All of yall sound like complete whiny bitches! ! !

    I would love to have another G-UNIT LP “Beg 4 Mercy” was by far one of my Fav. Hip Hop albums

  • G $

    LLOYD BANK$ is the only member that’s maintained his credibility…the rest of ’em fell off in my opinion…NO REUNION, please.

  • Flip

    Face it, G-unit was the shit…still my all time favorite rap group…When game was hot, they reach their peak…who group you know all their solo albums when plat…(tony yayo dont count)

  • 215philly

    With all members and old songs freestyles and remakes nothing new I’m FOR IT

  • chronwell

    Of course. G Unit is dope. Bucks the best outta all of them then its a toss up between Game and Banks. To see them squash the probelms and do the old tunes would be nice!

  • IV

    The Game started G-U NOT and now he wants a reunion. His thirst is unquechable. Corny TV show…Check, Try to ride Kendricks wave to pump your sales and fail….check. Now this dude needs to stop he wasn’t really G-Unit anyways just get Banks & Yayo back

  • marty mcfly

    For those saying Game was trying to sound like everybody else. Ok thats a point taken but ill say this, at least Game also sounded like himself in the process then he took the songs where he sounded like other people and then did songs with those artists to give the styles some cohesiveness and then he put them all on one album with a the Jesus Piece theme. So even when you use that against Game it still comes out as a dope full body of work and not just reaching for radio singles. What I meant his how people just take whatevers poppin and then start making that one style over and over. It was Big Sean’s “line after line… Barcode” thing, rappers bit his style so much that he actually just started changing his style cause everyone else was using it. Then it was Ross style of beats that other rappers were abusing, as well has anything that sounded remotely close to what Drake does cause everybody had that part in their songs when the beat breaks down into some slower underwater type of effect with a chopped and screwed type of melody. Drake didnt create that originally but he brought it back in 09-10 and in 2011 -12, everybody riding with it. Then its 2 Chainz flow as if his shit is that incredible. Its like damn everybody cant be on whatevers popular and that point is relevant to G unit because when they was poppin they purposely would take somebody elses song and change it into some kinda shoot em up type of record and that right there is why some people might what the Unit back together and not to mention their own records were tough and not to mention that just having them back together for at least a year would probably step the game up in general. But again I doubt the reunion would happen but I understand why people want it back. FIN

  • marty mcfly

    Also ALL five G Unit rappers including Yayo are just better LYRICISTS then alot of rappers these days and they made better records. I could list a bunch of different songs from the Unit including Yayo’s ignorant yelling and screaming self where they straight up out rapped alot of people.

  • j

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  • who cares

    I said it on the Yayo video and I’ll say it again, I would love for this to happen. Reading through the comments though it seems like a lot of people are stuck in the past with “Oh this dude is better than everyone” or “G-Unit got whack when Game got kicked out” It’s not about that petty shit right now. It’s about whether or not a reunion would be dope or not. Part of me says yes, but the other part of me says it won’t work out because everyone’s so inconsistent with their music now. Buck is inconsistent, Game is inconsistent, 50 is inconsistent, and Yayo is Yayo. The only MC that is consistent with what he releases is Banks. IMHO the only way this would work would be to throw these five men into a two bedroom house with no money and a limited supply of food for a month or two so they can get that hunger back. Not only that but because of the shitty situation you might get them a little aggressive towards each other and they’ll get it out in the lyrics. I know that’ll never happen, but just saying that would be the only way to get some of that classic material. Because if you think about it T.O.S. came out five years after Beg For Mercy and even that didn’t live up to their past work. Imagine adding another five years to that? It’s just gonna sound even more watered down.

  • james

    id be down.. if they dont do that homo slaughter house emotional shit. like your not turning any heads with that, stick to what you guys are good at. any way let the boys get back together they’ll put a couple bangers on the table for sure. but banks is better then all of them meka. Im not one to be contraversal but the game gets wayy to much hype. he gets his fam for being real and hard and he has some ok line skeems. But banks is deff lyrically and creatively the best out of all of them. clearly

  • Del

    Game was never a member of G-Unit… was he on Beg For Mercy? No….

  • And 1

    Game was in G-Unit. For someone named Del you don’t seem to be very knowledgeable about hip-hop.

  • And 1

    G-Unit was over forever when they failed to sign Danny Brown when he was sitting right there for them to sign and profit off of/collaborate with to sell their own shit.

  • And 1

    Young Buck was alright but G-Unit was the best by far with just Banks and Yayo. Guess Who’s Back was the best album.

  • F-ck no. They were never a great group, and Game wasn’t even on the G-Unit albums! (He was in the group for what, less than a year?)

    Let’s break down “G-Unit”

    50 Cent – 1 classic, a couple good albums, and complete garbage

    Lloyd Banks – some classic songs, and a lot of mehhhhhhhhh

    Tony Yayo – complete garbage

    Young Buck – couple good solos, and complete irrelevance

    Game – consistently good, never great. Some garbage. But was in G-Unit for roughly four seconds.

    And THIS is who you fools are SIGNING PETITIONS to get to reunite???????? I’d give my left nut for a new Tribe Called Quest album, or for ODB’s zombie to come back for a new Wu-Tang album. But this???? You couldn’t pay me to hear this trash!

    They only want to reunite because of MONEY!!! When has that EVER resulted in good music? (Hint: Never.)

    So basically…you have a mediocre hip hop group, who would BARELY break an average “Top 100 Hip Hop Groups” list….and one of the members, who was in it THE LEAST…is begging fans to SIGN A FACEBOOK PETITION to reunite, b/c it would be a “good business move?”

    What a sh-tty day for hip hop.

  • gavin

    ^ Fuck everything this guy said.

  • Hank Hill

    I want the whole crew back. Game, Olivia, Spider-Loc, 40 Glocc, Mobb Deep, M.O.P, Freeway I think.

  • YOOO

    if u compare game and 50. 50 has 100 times better classic songs than the game. 50 and game both fell off but game not as fast but he’s not up there anymore. power of the dollar and grodt are my fav albums of 50 and nobody can convince me that game has better albums then those. and banks is just on another level. since 134 all stars with yayo the real g unit . Yayo and banks were the real gunit then 50 and smurf came along then buck and then game. so all I’m saying is banks is the only mc in the group. game buck 50 yayo r just rappers.

  • YOOO

    u guys can’t put game before banks in any way. lyrically, punch lines,metaphors, word plays, off the top freestyle, and delivery game can’t stand to lloyd banks. getting co sign from jada isn’t enough? or getting a co sign (top 5) from Kanye? or co sign from busta? they r not me they are mcs that millions off people look up to them and for them to acknowledge banks creditability isn’t enough? tell me one rapper besides dre and snoop co signing the game? Only reason they did was A: he was signed to aftermath B: he was from Compton . That’s it. he isn’t an mc he is a regular rapper that seeks attention like a whore and is just a name dropper. Without him name dropping he can’t rap. what made him go against jay z? Did he thought that he was gonna do any harm or did he thought he was better or what? just for attention. he sounds the same since 50 made him famous and that’s a fact. it’s like same thing going on now with MMG. meek wouldn’t be as famous as he is right now without Ricky and ym behind him. same goes to the game. He had the best rapper during the period on he’s two number one singles plus dre snoop and Em behind him so I don’t get it. Game is whack period

  • Robenum

    ^^^Anyone would agree. Game is doper in all those categories then Banks. Banks aint nothin but Fabolous, Cassidy mixed with Ma$e lmao

  • marty mcfly

    If Banks is so much better then Game and 50 then why does every album they put out every time always do way better then Banks? Not one time or two times but every time. Just saying

  • Crack

    The game is on another level now to me so i dont think they should link up at all

  • Drakeisrapsavior

    No thanks. These guys couldn’t hold drake’s strap lyrically.

  • realtalk

    no one gives a fuck about none of you on these blogs. 50 keeping it real. do you. or do nothing.

  • dedistyvna gadaecit ertmanets

    Game needs to stick 50s dick up to his tonsil cuz only suckin it ain’t enuff

  • LongBeachToker

    they should leave this as is..

  • Mike Laz

    LOL the Game is such an actor! He went on this whole G-UNOT assault on his former crew to create publicity, now his shit has gone cold so all of a sudden he’s cool with these cats again SMH! Thank god 50 a real nigga and told him to fuck off

  • NoWuff


  • John

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  • apple

    I totally agree with whoever said this,dis new shit is superwack including dem anti gangster_ rappers. I,d rather listen to love songs nowadays there gotta be general wot u thinkin so wtfp…….cape town tafelsig hardcore.