50 Cent Dismisses Game’s Attempt to Reunite G-Unit

blame it on Shake February 1, 2013

Earlier this week Game started a petition to get G-Unit back together and I asked y’all if you even wanted it to happen at this point (if you haven’t left your opinion yet, do so here). Speaking with TheBoombox, Fif was quick to shut all speculation of a reunion and speaks his mind on the damaged relationships between the old crew.

You’re not gonna get nothing back together. I decide that. I do what I want to do. I don’t give a fuck what they talking about on a blog post. Every time there was nothing going on [Game] said “Fuck you, 50” to generate some sort of new interest. But now that doesn’t work anymore. So you gotta figure out a new way to do it. And now it’s saying, ‘We’ll get G-Unit back together!’

If it worked it would be something cool that I did. [But] what would you say if I actually did put it together and then it fell apart right in front of you? Or if I bring them around each other and their feelings from a long time — the disrespect and the talking — bleed over into the people that are just around them and then one of them gets shot and killed, or one of them gets stabbed and hurt bad. Then what?

Say what you wanna say about his music, Fif is spot on with everything he stated above. Spot on.

  • iblameyou

    he’s not “on spot” about anything here. all he did was say that he has no faith in the ability of grown men, himself included, to be mature and professional.

  • justenjoythisshit

    ^you, sir, are bullshittin.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah, this aint even about their personal relationships or money or the Game and 50 beef. They could just do it for the culture and really they dont even have to be in the same room or even speak to each other or even record new together. Just give some new and some mostly unreleased material to Dj Drama or somebody and let him put it all together on a Gangsta Grill mixtape and call it a day. It would turn out the same way musically as some big major label hyped album.

  • K.I.N.G

    lol game is a sucka

  • 215aphilliate

    funny how we want men who havent been friends in 7 years to kiss and make up for our benifit when no one here would do the same thing. of course we would like it, but i’ll settle for some unreleased tracks from any member from 02-05

  • iblameyou

    @justenjoythisshit, i’m guessing you didn’t actually bother to read what 50 said? Right.

    dude LITERALLY based half of the quoted statement above on the notion of not wanting to do it cuz somebody might have bad feelings and end up shooting or stabbing somebody else.

    kinda lame shit is that? and kinda lame shit you on that you can’t see that?

  • Del

    50 is absolutely right, why force the shit… nothing happens unless 50 says so anyway, G-Unit is his crew.

  • Adi Pre

    I’m with Fid on this one.

  • justenjoythisshit

    ^still bullshittin

  • iblameyou

    ^still a lame.

  • Cameron

    Lol I like some from the game but I would hate to see G-unit get back together.

  • justenjoythisshit

    @blame hahaha i’m just playin with you and you talk about being mature and professional? thank you sir that was easy as fuck smh

  • iblameyou

    lol, this isn’t MY profession so i don’t really have any obligation to be anything to anybody. it’s the profession of the subjects of the article. are you sure you’re feeling ok?

  • SupremeSoulstice

    I’m really realizing that Fifty is smarter than people give him credit for. People seem to have forgot that fools got shot and killed over these dudes beef.. They might be able to squash it but that don’t mean other fools in the crew will squash it when liquor, weed and feelings get involved

  • Chuck E

    A couple of things:

    *If 50 is gay/a snitch/the biggest fraud there ever was in Hip-Hop, then WHY would Game (the realest muthafucking gangsta who has ever rapped) ever do a song/business with him? Not just again, but in the first place?

    *What unreleased tracks? If you were around in the 00’s, then you know all of those cats were putting out 70 minute mixtapes like once a month. They’d write, they’d record, they’d get paid, & they’d release it. Ain’t nothing that was done that wasn’t immediately flipped. Ain’t no Lost Tapes with them.

    *Why’d I wanna hear some music from people who don’t want to make music with each other? For real, whatever your reason for wanting this to happen so bad, you need to fucking check yourself & figure out why you’re even giving two fucks about shit like this in the first place. It’d be assumed that we’re here for the love of good music; why’d any *FAN* gives a fuck about what would be “good business” is stepping outta their place.


  • ear2ear

    50 also should have mentioned that the reunion would probably flop commercially and isn’t worth his trouble. The tone of hip-hop has changed so much from gangsta music (in a commercial sense) and the 50 Cent brand is much more valuable by itself than with Game, Yayo, & Buck back as G-Unit. Lloyd Banks still has some good momentum though. 50 is a business man first and foremost and a musician second. If he saw a good opportunity here financially, I think he’d be open to it.

  • Peezo

    @Marty McFly

    Haa, everything you say on this site is stupid. No offense lol

  • 2dope4nope

    50 keepin it 100 tho and that’s some hood shit been too long and game game game smh just go chill til vh1 calls again bruh every concert or the one I went a while back you still keep dissin with those freestyles smh just foreal move on and me writing this is pointless haha but all is true what 50 just stated!

  • marty mcfly

    @Chuck E, These artists have so much material its no way in hell that people have heard everything they have done. 50, Game and Banks alone have so much material you could probably put together fifty songs from them that people have not heard. I never thought for one second that they would actually have a real reunion so having a DJ put together the project aint really a bad idea considering a real album will never happen. Actually doing it that way would most likely come out better then an album. Give Dj Drama and Whoo Kid a bunch of the acapellas from all 5 members and a bunch of beats and let Em co host and that shit would be dope and alot easy then trying to get a group back together that you know will never happen.

  • @LMFAO dead at “Game (the realest muthafucking gangsta who has ever rapped)” how many real ‘gangstas’ are ex male strippers that go on change of heart… that is too classic

  • faggot ass G-unit was never good anyways.

    50 doesnt have to do shit but the picture he’s putting up there about men still having feelings and shit sound like the words from some sensitive ass bitch with a fat chip on her shoulder. Come on nigga, let the men speak for themselves, you just keep those sensitive thoughts and feelings in your head

  • HouseOfStark

    If they aren’t in the mental space professionally or personally to collaborate than it is what it is. I wouldn’t want them to release a contrived project strictly for money and exposure rather than the music. G-Unit as a group definitely underachieved because they had the hip hop world on lock during their peak so naturally as a fan you’d want to have more music from them but maybe it’s not meant to be. At the same time neither of them is dead and I think once 50 has another successful album He would be more inclined to the possibility of a reunion, He needs to be atleast on the same level as Game. Game has a better musical catalog than 50 does at. 50 has 2 classic albums and the rest are pure trash, Game has 1 classic album and the rest pretty outstanding works. If they decide musically to collab I’d definitely support the project

  • Chuck E

    @Rufus That was straight sarcasm, homie. None of his past matters; Game a BITCH strictly for changing faces every two weeks. That was my point.

  • Del

    If it was genuine I would like to see it happen but it’s obvious these niggaz will never be on the same page… really I just wanna hear 50 and Banks make some more music

  • Chuck E

    @Marty McFly
    “These artists have so much material its no way in hell that people have heard everything they have done.”

    Did you read what I wrote? Did you read what you wrote?

    What are you basing evidence of some unreleased G-Unit material from *THAT* time period off of? You don’t know of it’s existence any more of I doubting it’s existence, except the sheer amount of music that DID come out favors the lack of it. They weren’t in Michael Jackson or GNR territory; quiet for years while supposedly working on an album. Everything you’re preposing is pure Fan Wet Dreams & only is likely is said DJ uses isolated verses, something Drama or Whoo Kid is probably above doing.

    *Em co-host #smh

  • @Chuck E – Haha 100% with u there on that one fam

  • marty mcfly

    Im preposing they do a mixtape fool. A mixtape is really not hard to put together and I didnt say it has to be ALL unreleased material bitch. These guys probably have 100 mixtapes and a thousand plus songs combined. Making a mixtape is not really that hard to do and yes in the last ten fucking years im sure they have some unreleased material between 5 different niggas. Smh

  • JackiSloans


    Why the fuck should he have faith in them? Niggas don’t do this but argue and puff out their chest nowadays, I wouldn’t try it either.

  • LBC

    50 is looking at it like this; ”money”?! NO. then fuck it.
    And theoretically nobody (a part for a bunch of 16/17yo kids) want to see this g-unit reunion, kissing each other and shit after all has been said. The only possible and realistic reunion is with YB, but i dont think Buck will come home soon, + he probably dont want to see them niggas again.

  • Schism

    Game is a clown! He disses fif. Then he says he’s done with the g-unit disses. Then a week, or several months later or a year later he disses them again. NOW he wants a reunion? Didn’t he just dissed them again not too long ago? This ain’t gangsta. Just some faggot rap shit!!

  • vast

    I guess the Game is trying to mimic the diplomats. Can’t knock him for trying.

  • Yeah but if they can actually put aside their differences and come together collectively as men (grown men) they would actually be leading examples for many youngsters this day and age especially with the time’s being as rough as they are now. A fif and Game record will be like a Jz and Nas record, imagine the record sales as well as the anticipation