Common – The Next Chapter (Still Love H.E.R.)

Produced by J. Period, this track will find life on J's upcoming Rage Is Back dropping February 12th. Props to Billboard.

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  • Jacob

    Why do people sample Portishhead? This was a terrible sequel to the original.

  • david

    ^Agree with this guy, it's just one verse threw in the middle of a horrible instrumental, loads of 'everybody in the house' shout-outs, even the lyrics rarely match the original concept

  • Keebo

    Y'all don't like this beat? whaaaa..

  • david

    @Keebo it's produced well and the sample sounds alright but I call it horrible (was a bit dramatic) coz I reckon it's structured sloppy, would sound alright if it was intro- verse- hook- verse- hook- verse -hook- outro and if it wasn't tied with the Used to love her concept

  • proerageneral

    wack ass beat

  • mineisbigger



  • JackiSloans

    LMAO @ anyone saying this is a bad beat. Portishead is worth more than your fucking life

  • myper spective

    Common is dope, im going to always listen when he has something to say, But I jus cannot vibe to this. it just didn't flow like a hip hop song is supposed to.