• Jonesy Stark

    Hella dope, folk. All this time I thought that I had just missed this album dropping. Hopefully it drops soon. Danja did his thing on these cuts, shocked that they were created in 07. Joints sound fresh.

  • james

    poor-man's Timbo beat....really, he didn't even need to say it, you can tell he put the drums through an arpeggio, because them shits don't mix-up during the entire beat.

    I'm sure Timbo does the same on some of his shit, but his beats are known for good drum loops and depth. This dude has no longevity as a producer if he's just going to shadow Timbo's sound lol

    Bad Girls has a strong hook and arab flavor, this is just forgettable album filler.

  • SaFan

    I'd like to hear SonDoobie on the remix !

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