Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform “Can’t Hold Us” On David Letterman (Video)

blame it on Illy February 1, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis drop by the Late Show with David Letterman to perform their Heist single, “Can’t Hold Us.”

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  • J UK

    Too much clowning dog, I ain’t make out a word he said nahmean. Time for these hipster crackers to get the fuck off hip hop sites, I don’t fucks wit it at all, yet I keep looking to see if there’s actually some reason for this mad hype – there’s not

    • Stylesmcfresh

      It’s called skill. Macklemore is more talented than the majority of artists out there trying to pass off their crap as music – rap or otherwise. But then again, you’re a racist, so trying to talk any sense into you would be a waste of time.

    • CSapp

      You are straight trippin. Appreciate the art, don’t bag on people that a different.

    • AD

      I’m a white girl from Ohio that rarely listens to hip hop bc I can’t stand listening to music about bitches and hos. I love Macklemore bc he puts out a REAL message and has amazing beats. Oh, and I can understand damn near every word he says.

    • Fatuma

      Does anybody understand what YOU were trying to say though? I don’t think ‘nahmean’ is a word.

    • Infinite

      He just is real crazy live. And he’s been in the game way longer than ppl think. He’s no hipster. But out of all of his music thrift shop and the shit on the radio are his worst tracks. But that’s why it fits in on the radio because it’s better than mainstream pop rap artists best tracks. Check his other shit. Like other side, vipanassi (it’s spelled somethin like that cuz that’s not right lol) but yea he can actually spit, just not on his radio tracks. No artist deserves this attention not “hype” more than him . He’s achieved all this “hype” as u say all by himself, and turned down major labels an deals. Hype fades, he won’t cause he’ll always have his real fans that have been bumping him for like 5 to 7 years. One thing that is fact is he does jump around a bit much which takes away from his delivery. And ppl who say rap isn’t about sending a message are plain idiots. That’s what rap has always been. Except for nowadays what ppl say is rap actually isn’t. Its useless nonsense, it’s not talented or anything. It’s sampled music thrown together by a computer program, and is meant for shacking your ass in a club, has no substance. Lewis creates every sound u hear in their tracks, thats a musician, mack is the lyricist that can paint you a picture with his word, thats lyricism and rap. What ppl call mainstream rap is not rap, not hip hop, rarely is art. Someone who knows nothing about music can use the programs they use and make the same sound. Its pop music, or dance music. It’s garbage. There are maybe two artist in the title of mainstream rap that are actually rappers/lyricist. And it’s ppl like Macklemore, grieves, atmosphere, eligh, evidence, Mad Child I can keep going. But those are artist and lyricist and they are the ones that will bring what rap really is back to the radio. I just hope it happens.

  • Hunter

    Fuck that dudes las comment yall are good man dont worry about the bad comments they leave yall are gonna be huge

  • U JK

    Well I guess that’s it guys, time to pack it up. J UK has spoken.

  • dc

    macklemores already huge dumbass theyre all over itunes top charts

  • Kelsey

    J UK – if you can type proper punctuation that probably means that you can type proper English as well. Just saying.

    P.S – Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Dalton are the tits and you suck.

  • J UK

    Lol calling me racist – I’m white. And lol @Hunter talking at these guys. I know they’re huge but I’m expressing an opinion in the comments, simple as

  • J UK

    My punctuation was impeccable, I missed the final full stop but that is all and I do, on the basis of writing comments like this in the style of bullet points which don’t require a full stop to end the point

  • BigMike

    Cosign J UK he got a point.

  • JayD

    That was one of the most spastic performance by an artist I’ve ever seen..

  • ww

    At least he is promoting his music and lyrics, not just his insatiable greed for jewels and women shaking asses. What does that promote? and who the hell in the real world can relate to a maserati anyway. Go Mack… keep killin it.

  • peezie

    J UK. U changed the way you talked as soon As someone called you out on the racist deal. Were you attempting to act black, yo? Haha

  • J UK

    I talk how I want son, but if someone calls me out as a racist against white people then Imma show them otherwise

  • sharkfacegang

    J UK, can you name three current MCs that can top Macklemore in message, performance and pure talent? I can’t think of one.

  • Ms. Me

    All of you would need to understand where we live…Seattle Washington the most liberal, groovy live and let live city in the world where pot is legal, gay marriage is legal and people of all races and creeds blend and hang…Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are products of this amazing place…we just don’t hate up here in the PNW!

  • stopit5

    I’ll be honest… I think what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have done, independently, is amazing! Sold big numbers, toured the world, performed on every big name show.. I respect that 100%! But, I don’t like a lot of their music. The first song I liked came out in like 09/10…it was the one that mixes with ‘otherside’ by red hot chili peppers. Thift shop is also a catchy tune. But, I really don’t like Macks flow. I think his style of rapping is kind of.. I don’t know, not my thing. I think the hype that they built for theirselves is helping fans ease over the fact that it may not be the “best” music. But…its just my opinion lol

  • Leah

    I don’t care what anyone says, ALL of macklemore’s music is the shit and if you think otherwise you probably haven’t gone and listened to their other music…or your taste is shitty music I guess…

  • PettyButTrue

    There is no chance the thumbs up/thumbs down on this is real.

  • Jonathan

    Just my opinion, but I don’t care for music with message. I think music can be an artform devoid of message, it’s not as though the great impressionist painters wanted to convey a message about society in their work, I wouldn’t even say it’s present in many respected music genres such as classical, but because of the way that hip-hop is viewed and has influenced certain areas of our culture there has been a stigma placed that makes some people come up and say “let’s spread a message about how bad the world is and how people need to be smarter”. I say the same thing about Lupe as I do these guys. If you attempt to push a message down the listeners throats, you isolate more and more people every time and this is something Lupe has recently discovered. If I want to involved in a political/social commentary, I will read various pieces of journalism or go to the required outlets (and I often do), but I don’t need it in music.

    Therefore, to those who feel as though the message conveyed by these guys puts them above other rappers, I say that I couldn’t care less. I love Kendrick, who is able to give a commentary and not make it everything about him. I also love Pusha who has content largely about drugs. I don’t even do drugs, but I’m not bothered about how the music is speaking to me, I care for the art itself.

    That leads me to another point, and that is the art of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Personally, I dislike it. I’m white, and I understand why many black people don’t like it. I also understand why white people like it, as songs such as Thrift Shop have a Mark Ronson style production, using elements of funk and music that is more appealing to white listeners than drums. That is also why the song attempts humour, as another way to involve the white fan who may otherwise shy away from rap. In terms of the art of this performance, I also dislike it from a production standpoint because the music was far too loud and coupled with the energetic performance, delivery of lines was lacking and picking out the lyrics became a challenge. I disliked the flow, but that is my opinion.

    I’m aware that I’ve said a lot, and many people will disagree, but I’m simply passing comment.

  • Blackhawks408

    Lol he really does need to settle down on stage. That tweaking shit looks retarded but maybe just cuz this song has a fast pace. When my girl first saw him performing on jimmy Fallon she said he looked like an idiot jumping all over the place. He still dope tho

  • who cares

    @Jonathan – That entire last paragraph is filled with a bunch of racist stereotypes. I know many black people who dig Macklemore and I know many white people who listen to bullshit like Pusha T and Rick Ross. One race does not prefer one sound over another, it’s all up to the individual. I’m white and I grew up listening to the bullshit that was on the radio (think Hip Hop from like 2000-2008), but then I matured and realized that shit was garbage and my taste altered. To say that black people prefer drums and white people prefer funky beats is fucking ignorant. Hell, I even know some people who listen to Macklemore, but then they go and listen to assholes like 2 Chainz and A$AP.

  • Jonathan

    @who cares – I am aware of the stereotyping done in the last paragraph and this was for emphasis, coupled with the fact that many (not all) of my black friends dislike Macklemore. Race has very little to do with it, but there are a lot of white people (again, white friends of my own) who do shy away from rap, largely through intimidation such as people who are afraid to go to a rap concert but happily do for rock. It may be ignorant to say what kind of beats various races like, but I had in mind a great Dave Chappelle sketch making this very point. It is largely down to the individual, but then again individuals have less of their own preference than they think, since the music they grew up with plays a role, as well as the music they listen to with their friends. Sure, people can like Mack and 2 Chainz, that’s taste. Mine is just to dislike Mack

  • Musicologist

    Sounds like exactly when the Black Eyed Peas sold out. Too bad, they were great, same old story.

  • ayygomez

    after seeing this guy live in the smallest venue possible, with ppl just piled on top of each other completely violating each others personal space, and feeling the pure energy surging through that place, to seeing him on this stage…its completely different. He wasn’t so spastic, but I think he was just trying to make up for the lack of energy from the crowd. It was a weird performance to watch, because thats not the guy I’m used to. At the same time this isn’t the crowd and the energy HE’S used to. I believe in Macklemore and his music I just hope that this new adventure into mainstream doesn’t ruin the image he’s already set for himself.
    By the way not to sound like a total hipster, but i think its funny when ppl use his itunes top songs as proof that “he’s been big for a long time” he’s been huge since BEFORE itunes.

  • asdf

    Too much energy for that song lol. Still a nice performance.

  • Dylan

    I think there is a lot of problems with their music, I mean for instance his lyrics are nowhere near as clever or meaningful (not that he doesn’t sing about meaningful things, just in the way that he doesn’t use language devices, he merely says what he’s thinking literally, which isn’t good because rap should be poetry to music more less), but I respect him for what he’s doing and the things he says, and I hope he’s the start of something new in rap, not just his one career. Because while I confess to still enjoying Lil Wayne, Kanye West etc etc there is nothing more depraved than that stupid song “Ass”, and thats the direction hip hop is headed and I hope changes that somewhat. That’s why Iike him.

  • dope

    @Dylan…You obviously haven’t listen to much Macklemore. The majority of his lyrics are poetic and vague. Have you listened to “The End”? Do some research before you say his lyrics aren’t meaningful. And clever? He’s got those lines too.

  • Brother Man

    Technically speaking, the music isnt great. It’s great that the music isn’t about bitches and hos but beyond that, its average

  • SeattleTMoney

    He comes from a background of poetry and spoken word pieces so his flow has developed from that. frankly if you listen to spitta he has moved away from the constant pressure to rhyme too. It allows them to be more meaningful with the words and use the music more creatively. I sorta can’t believe the backlash about this shit because Mac is as dope as they come and frankly his style opitomizes hip hop. This dude is versed in the classics and has adapted it to something new and creative that isn’t complete bullshit circa 2000-2008. Maybe a lot of the new Mac fans are hipsters or high school kids that don’t know shit about rap, but pretty much everyone who has been there since the early days is a true hip hop fan. I love Mac, I also dig A$AP, Kendrick, Schoolboy, Solo, Flatbush Zombies, Hit-Boy,Nas, Talib, Mos etc etc. Listen to his Fucking album he has features from Q and Soul and he has some dope music that you aren’t gonna get from a lot of artists today. Stop hating and embrace some different shit, and if you don’t like it then move on, don’t try to call it fake.

  • Katsu

    Ray Dalton looks so happy.

  • UpNorth

    I find it interesting that some of you have taken the time write about how much you don’t like his music. It sounds like these same people are basing their opinions off this one performance. That’s like watching one random episode of The Wire and saying it’s a bad show. I would encourage you to listen to his album and/or his earlier tracks before you judge his music. Even better, stop wasting your time slandering on message boards. Your close-minded and ignorant written viewpoints aren’t going to change the opinions of those who already love his music. Ask yourself, what was I trying to accomplish writing those negative comments? Do I have anything meaningful to say that will actually influence the listeners? Or am I just trying to make myself feel better? It’s your personal choice to not like his music, try and keep it to yourselves……Nahmean? haha

  • oc

    i think its great that this guy is living his dream and people are responding to his music, but i still think his music is corny and his flows is straight nutsack

  • NesTa

    I think sometimes he can be ‘corny’ due to his delivery…but overall his music is on point, of course there is ALWAYS room for improvement…that goes for everybody, AND for the rest of your life. If you aren’t pushin a hard line…you losing.

    You should never limit yourself, obviously…I listen to everything from Black Hippy, Tech N9ne, UGK, Ball & G, Kanye, Killers, Mumford & Sons, Bob Marley, Janelle Monae, Justin Timberlake, Cee-Lo, Outkast, XV…so on & so forth…good music is good music…a good song is a good song regardless of a person…I could give two shits if I like all their shit…as long as its not overtly wack & exceptional I fucks wit it. & that goes for all facets of life. Be aware, evolve…& develop a better understanding of this world…muhfuckas!