Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Wing$ (2013 NBA All-Star Weekend Edition) (Video)

blame it on Illy February 1, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Leslie bring us a visual to the official theme song of the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend going down in Houston, Texas on February 15th to the 17th.

  • J UK

    Sure, who better than a white guy from Seattle to rep for basketball

  • JSkrillA206

    your description says Ryan Leslie! -_____-

  • Ryan

    Mack and Ryan did an incredible song laying out how we’re a society of consumers too caught up in brand names where we have young people dying over this crap, and then he sells his song to the NBA and does a video to promote the very thing this song points out as societal flaw? Disappointing.

  • Tjf

    Big steps for independent music

  • Ben

    TNT, we know how to avoid drama…

  • Baron

    This is some wack sell-out shit. This song just got raped by industry.

  • mR

    alternatively, this is a dope look for two of our favorite independent artists…

  • Kb

    Got to agree with Ryan. This song is suppose to shed light on the issue of consumerism in our country and how it effects people. If anything, this commercial/video only serves to promote a brand. I can only hope it will get people to listen to his music and hear what he was actually talking about. I’m sure some folks will be in for a surprise when the turn on Wing$ and here lyrics about people getting killed for their gear.

  • naoshad

    visuals are dope but this song DOES NOT FIT AT ALL. message is out of whack, and the children on the hook cringeworthy

  • HIbachi_heat

    I agree with whats already been said. The way they chopped this up from looking down on consumerism to a promotion for it is weird. But being from Seattle, it’s dope to hear lines about Genesee Park in a song with West Seattle elementary kids on the hook on national tv.

  • Lonnie black

    What a fraud!!!!! I’m not mad at fools getting money but don’t sellout like this. I bet he voted against same sex marriage. SMFH @ YOU MACKLMORE. I want my money back for this fake ass album.

  • Hal a. Tosis

    You cats are soo critical. It’s ridiculous. It’s music! This song is still dope and so is the album, the music is what is getting him some shine. Let him get his.

  • Ben

    I’m okay with this being used as a means to reaching a larger audience. As long as his subject matter doesn’t change in the future, then he’s not selling out.

  • ryan


  • K.

    this isent their first time bending morals for chance to break out to bigger audience. they had a song on a miller commercial and Macklemore doesnt drink anymore. not that big of deal but i think they’re a little more focused on just getting out there than the messages they write in their music.

    People will hear the message but you have to get them to listen first.