Media Gasface: Music Is My Character w/ K-Def (Video)

blame it on Meka February 1, 2013

From Puffy to Dre, he's been hired-jacked-xeroxed all over the board. Now K-Def's telling you what's wrong with Hip Hop, and how he's gonna fix it.

Props to the MGF crew for another dope watch.

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  • Veracity

    Scholarly industrious... props to [legendary] K-Def...

    ''s a paper chase now; everybody's concerned about CHASIN' THE MONEY, meeting deadlines, coming out on time, being prevalent but then their product is TERRIBLE...'

    Like he said... as am I... PRESERVATION/CONSERVATION of Hip-Hop; PRESERVATION of the Black art-form... this is the mentality that belongs in/IS MY culture... separate and distinguish the weak from the rest i.e. Hip-Hop and it's soulLESS antithesis; Pop and/or hip-pop... you soft muhfuckaz can keep that shit... separate the weak from the REAL, and the TRUE Heads from the dickriders with no [proper] standards who defend the soft and help perpetuate the weak and their weak, money-prioritized music... those convinced of their own hubris above the art-form; those who ATTEMPT analysis and to say something relevant yet awkwardly over-analyze and in turn actually look foolishly inept/thirsty for attention and invariably say nothing at all; just more and more banal gas, entry after every CONTINUED fuckin entry... where you at try-hard @marty macfly?!