Meka’s Soul Mix Show: Fela’s Friday pt. 1

blame it on Meka February 1, 2013

So I’m going to try something new on Fridays, where I will spotlight a musician or group whose music I was raised on, for the entire month. Like some of the people who frequent the dopehouse, I wasn’t reared on rap when I emerged from the womb and instead was exposed to a variety of eclectic sounds before I even knew what rap was, and that will be reflected every Friday. The first up this month? Only one of the greatest Naija musicians ever, of course.

  • iblameyou

    ITT or bust.

  • DK

    You should do High life music next.

  • kyle

    you should have another post once a week that displays a hidden gem rap songs from the past. Ones that a lot of people probably havent heard before but it dope. just a suggestion cause it would be tight. preesh.

  • fuuuuuu

    I appreciate you labeling everything and putting an album cover on it. good shit Mek

  • mad

    get the fucking download fixed

  • tobi

    fela at his finest.