• h-21

    Ghostface is most def in my top 5 of all time!

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    At least change your writtens smh

  • J UK

    Nobody doing off the dome freestyles on these appearances any more, definitely not on a promo run for a mixtape. Rocky did his recently for Westwood and I appreciate it, but it's not essential. Push delivers intricate, lyric driven verses that can't be rushed on the spot. I don't have a huge problem with repeating given his busy schedule, though I was hoping to hear something new!

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Going off the top is entertaining but no one is good at it. Even the people who are good at it aren't. It's usually just a bunch of nonsense. It's not a good way to showcase your talent or get anyway to purchase your album or download your project. I'd rather they spit something that's coherent and focused. That's what I wanna hear.

    Anyway, thus verse sounds better over this beat. He had me wincing listening to him spitting it over that other beat when he was on flex.

  • FU

    I think Action Bronson was "highly-influenced" by Ghost's flow...so its not that uncopiable.

  • showbow

    Yup^ action bronson pretty much bit ghostface's style. i dont think he'll deny that.

  • xin

    "I can't be bothered with payin homage to forefathers . . ."

  • JB

    im great @ free style
    and by the way im from the south
    Truly appreciate music in all forms
    So if doubt comes so be it
    But I promise I can makr anyone a believer

  • airrboii

    "don't ever say i sound like Ghost's shit." Bronsolino!