Thoughts On A$AP Rocky’s ‘Long.Live.A$AP’?

blame it on Shake February 1, 2013

Although A$AP’s major label debut leaked a month before it’s release date it still managed to sell 139k copies in it’s first week and took the #1 spot on the Billboard charts. Now that y’all have had enough time to let the album sit and register, what are y’all thoughts? Whenever I hit a wall on what I want to listen to, I seem to always find myself pressing play on “LoveLiveA$AP” and letting it run it’s course. But again, this is about y’all! What are your favorite cuts? How does it compare to his Live.Love.A$AP mixtape? Let us know!

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  • brite

    Piece of shit real talk not even hating fuck the album it sucked real talk

  • kd

    I give the album a 8/10.
    Rocky’s subject matter isn’t the deepest and you’re not going to hear any amazing story telling. Rocky does what Rocky does, flows on illustrious beats and fully compliments them.
    Nice features and catchy hooks. A solid debut that will be played for awhile

  • Doc

    Way better than the piece of shit album Joe Budden just put out….emotional ass negro

  • young pop


  • huh

    enjoyed it way more than I expected considering I’m not a big Rocky fan at all

  • Nate Dza

    Mixtape was better. 1 train was crazy.

  • Shotgun Charlie

    The album is NOT all that. To me is a 6/10…ASAP is a lil over-rated in my opinion. Yes hes entertaining but thats about it. I find myself skipping A LOT of his song on this album.

  • (l,k)

    i bought it, id give it an 8, 8.5/10

  • daveg

    6/10 typical fake lyrics…Quick using the DJ Screw voice you’re from HARLEM! It;s pretty fake and predictable if you ask me

  • Check mini review

    I also give it an 8… beats are top notch and Rocky’s flow is near immaculate, throughout. Listenable from start to finish. Stand out tracks: Long Live Asap, Goldie, LVL, Pain, Wild for the night, Suddenly. This is typical Hustler, gangster, i fuck your bitch, fashion rapper, so don’t expect depth… Rocky devises outstanding, clever rhyme schemes.. I think he flows at his best on LVL somewhere around the 2.10 mark.. signature Rocky.

  • xx

    LOVE live asap ??? Shake you’re an estupid motherfucker

  • kayo

    6/10 for me, mixtape is leagues better. Still bumpin the shit out of “Fashion Killa” “Ghetto Symphony” “Suddenly” “LVL” and the title track though. Record just has no lasting/replay value for me, I haven’t really listened to it since it leaked.

  • aight

    comparing to mixtape the prodution was on whole another level like soulful jazzy electro shit and id say pussy money weed is outstanding there

  • Bout a 7.5-8.5 better than I thought, Cool Album, Cant front its some good songs on here, but I can see this album fading in barbershop talk by August, I can see a A$AP Mob Album coming in the near future, that maybe nice!!! Oh Yea Click the name.

  • M0ns!er

    6/10 “Ghetto Symphony” “LVL” “1 Train” and “Wild for the Night” are my favorites.

  • Check again

    I just wna add: His rhymes don’t have a lot of depth but the production definitely gives the project a sense of profundity.

  • It’s a 6/10 for me. It’s a decent album. Production is pretty good. Lyrically nothing new. I fucks with 1 Train, the track with Gunplay and Ferg and the Skrillex joint, those were the three hardest joints on the album. The rest is kind of eh to me. Like, I could most definitely live without them. PMW was dope too, but it’s been out for ages, like they could’ve at least added Danny Brown to it and added a verse from Q. I liked the mixtape a LOT more, but I did have way higher expectations on Rocky for the album than I did for the mixtape.

    Now Wrath of Caine though, might just be one of the greatest mixtapes in modern time.

  • Cali760

    i really liked the album a lot. The production level is waaaaay better than his mixtape. Also the features he chose were perfect for the tracks.

  • ewqw

    live love asap?

    love live assap?


  • HouseOfStark

    7/10 : He stepped up lyrically but will never be consider a bar for bar or pure lyricist. His flow is more multi dimensional and remains unique and smooth. People can say the album was trash but production wise and content it’s well constructed. Asap Rocky isn’t everyone’s personal favorite rapper but He knows how to make complete bodies of work and he’s a star, very charismatic rapper. He’s young as well so hopefully he can continue to experiment with his sound and expand his lyrical content. All 3 singles- Goldies,Fucking Problems, and Long Live Asap show sonic range. Personal Favorites : 1train, Suddenly, Phoenix, I Come apart, Fashion Killa,Ghetto Symphony, and Pain

  • Rocky is nice, but this album SUCKS ASS

    6s and 8s? dafuq? yall the same niggas jocking Rick Ross for being a cop, this charcoal face nigga gets a pass for jocking the south because what? He’s cool? I dont understand man.
    This album was garbage. the one track that was good was feature heavy as fuck. nice flow over good beats? Lil Wayne spits the same subject matter with more punches over great production and yall crucify the nigga like he was the anti-christ. God I hate all of you bandwagon faggots. 6/10? bitch the album was 1/10 for 1train and thats it

  • chadfella_uk

    1 Train, PMW, Suddenly and the title track are all solid, but lyrically he’s miles behind guys like Kendrick, KRIT and even Schoolboy Q. And worse yet he let this outshining happen on his own joint. In the current climate its 7/10 at best.

  • pretty weak

    Shit sounded exactly like his mixtape, rocky isnt going to surprise anybody with anything he puts. His style is getting a bit boring now IMO.

  • b.ali

    Fact: Long.Live A$ap > Good Kid m.a.a.d City

    Lyrics aren’t everything. Ask Joe Budden.

    Get mad bitches.

  • m.black

    A$AP Rocky and crew have definitely carved out a new sub-genre in hip hop..or at least perfected it. A kind of “Art-Rap” situation where they blatantly take elements and styles that are/were staples of a particular scene then mix it all together.

    It’s a cool thing at first because it’s weird and intriguing to witness a kid from Harlem flexing gold fronts and raps in a retro Bone Thugs in Harmony style cadence while rocking high fashion couture that I can’t afford or pronounce.

    As a scene, it’s fine but when it comes to MUSIC, this particular style of Rap just doesn’t translate well or last very long. Because it was based off of blatant copying in the first place, a sign of either laziness or boredom from the artist.

    Which tells me why the album’s subject matter is so shallow yet has a really interesting backdrop of beats. The only time when it does get deep is when Rocky speaks of suicide, a common feeling amongst people who are fragile spirited and I think that speaks in volumes of not only A$AP Rocky’s album but of the post-CRACK era a lot of us are from (28 and Under).

    And like us, Rocky jus wants to be somebody but when your black and broke coming from that era you have little or no foundation at all which is why all the talent that he possesses goes into a album that shows mostly his charismatic strengths and is only progressive in it’s production.

    Maybe I got too deep for this kinda post but I just see things a lil differently. His album is a good effort for what it’s worth. I’m feelin it. I hope homie has a good run.


    I really dont see the appeal, the album had a few good songs but I never find myself listening to that mixtape. Matter fact when ever it comes on shuffle im like ‘NOOOOOO…..1Train is a real good song tho. I just feel like last year had really strong releases and they made ASAP’s look very average. A different year it would have been a decent album but naaahhh

  • Aye

    M.Black said it perfectly. Thank you.

  • Wunako

    i feel us as hip-hop heads are bitter and need to lighten up. we are in a diff era and as much as ill bump biggie, Wu, or whatever as much as the next guy i appreciate what rocky is about.

    See i agree with m.black except the lazy part. The biggest thing i like bout rocky is that he took all those things in music that we (im his age apparently) grew up listening and fused them together. i mean no way you cant say on “Suddenly” you didnt have to double take when him and the beat picked up. he really vibes off the production and really went in and did his best to match his fav. rappers. “Wild For the night” dope track, Hip Hop/Dubstep with Screw? Psssh the OutKast refrences alone made it dope to hear. “1Train” is also one of my fav. but for all those complaining about it being feature heavy, c’mon that was the damn point. A Group of the young rapper’s that are making noise on track. All of them might not be lyrical assassins but each held it down and went in, Big K.R.I.T. went the hardest just throwing that out there. PMW, 1Train, Ghetto Symphony, and Jodye are my top picks, im starting to feel “I Come Apart” a bit more.

    Oh and any argument about rocky cant use “Screw voice” cause he is from harlem is b.s. Im orig from NY and live in houston, nothing wrong with it when he gives houston a lot of love and is doing more with that culture then actual H Town rappers

  • chill yourself out

    “us as hip-hop heads”

    shuuuuuut the fuck up faggot. stopped reading when I saw that

  • Asap did his thing on this album. Great flow, producers, and lyrics. I understand he isnt a story teller like Slick Rick but he still gets his message across. At first glance the album was bad but, like live love asap it had to grow on me. Rocky’s style isnt something you can hear and love it right away. Give it a solid month to simmer and i guarantee you will like it. 9/10

  • @vash_dope



    /fuck people talking bout lyrics like if he dont have meaning and metaphor like lupe or kendrick he’s not as good. FUCK THAT. each rapper has his own style. fuck i mean ice cube doesn’t have the deepest lyrics but he’s still hot.. fuck ya’ll complaining that he doesnt have deep meaning.. he’s an artist. if it sounds good and you vibing to it…then he did his job.

  • A$AP Review

    8.7 rating for the album.. I find myself listening to it alot.