• chronwell

    Dope lyrical concept. The bars U spit become a prison! Rappers should be free to spit on a range of topics from the Constitution to Hoes!

  • hilarious

    Chaundon has his own label? and it signed some mc? L O L. This guy is like Little Brother's side kick. This is poo and phonte's weed carrier.. making a label.. signing artists... and barely has enough fans himself to compete as an artist himself. Sorry buddy, you're not Jay-Z. lol. I hope Rome didn't actually sign a real contract. lol. good luck with that career.

  • chronwell

    Haters are hilarious !

  • http://twitter.com/JayEmessMusic Jay Emess

    Rome Clientel is dope. Gonna be on the lookout for more of his shit for sure...