• Eli


  • http://www.gay.com Frank O.


  • Smh

    2dopeboyz don't post news unless it has to do with the homo ass nigga smh hmmmm i wonder why

    I thought this was a website that was just about the music!

  • AJ

    whats wrong with him taking a peaceful way instead of act like an ignorant mother fucker like really. He's doing the right thing.

  • Stoplookingatmyname

    C Breezy jealous of a gay dude taking his lane...Yet, ANOTHER reason to call him a bitch..

  • speezola

    I thought this was a hip-hop website. Chris Brown "raps" on occasion, if you want to call what he does rapping when he tries to do it, but both of these guys are R&B artists. What next on 2DopeBoyz, Beyonce articles? FOH.

  • Read a book

    Making comments about another dudes sexuality nonstop. Yea, there's NOTHING suspect about that...

  • Astro

    The C-Section is like a breeding ground for ignorance as it pertains to Frank Ocean posts.

  • bokoharam

    after reading the comments, I am left to wonder why is sexuality is relevant to this topic at all.

  • fuckbreezy

    I think frank should have pressed charges. The "peaceful" way just makes chris think that he won and by letting him off easy, he'll continue to act like a douche bag and be an aggressive, abusive asshole. he's punched girls and gays so really, we're gonna let this happen? like oh its okay bro, you can punch whoever you want. frank should either press charges or beat his ass.

  • thequeenhaspoken.

    Wow, now thats someone who is going to live a happy life, gay or not. Im with Frank, fuck all that childish bullshit, he has good music to make. Chris brown can waste time and pick fights if he wants to. Frank Ocean is more of a man than Chris Brown any day, no matter how much pussy he gets.

  • thequeenhaspoken.

    and I agree with read a book, something is wrong if another person/man's sexuality upsets you or has you feeling any type of way. Perhaps its time for yall to have some one on one time with a mirror, damn hateful ass people.

  • WhoDem

    This should spearhead a campaign to end coonery in all its forms...

  • Kanye East

    Indirect shots fired at Sisqo Brown's criminal record. AHAHAHAHA

  • C’mon Y’all

    nobody knows what happened. he doesn't wanna press charges cause he probably initiated it and just couldn't defend himself. every nigga that loses a fight starts claiming they got jumped. gay, straight, don't matter. he took an L and now he wants sympathy.

  • http://www.twitter.com/cuj CuJ

    to quote Joe Rogan.. Theres only two types of people who hate gays. The first person is really really stupid, the Second secretly thinks that dicks are delicious..so get over it fuckers

  • 93

    Fuck peace shoot the fair one

  • flo

    anyone who posts behind a computer hating is a bitch nigga

  • http://www..com Illuminati

    Why is everyone so homophobic in here? That's so ignorant

  • that life

    itt: homophobic niggas

    grow up, its getting old.

  • WhySoManyBrothersOnTheDL

    Black culture is largely homophobic and it breeds closet homosexuals who compensate for their own confused sexuality by attacking people like Frank. This comment section (or every Frank post's comment section) and every Saturday Night sexy comment section gives you a good glimpse of the homophobia in hip hop.

  • Nasty

    God the quality of people that use this site has gone WAY downhill since it's gained popularity... This is 2013... quit it with the homophobia, faggots.

  • Good Peoples!

    ^^^^^^ Who gives a fuck what all yall think! Yall are a bunch of nerds and wiggers who most likely can't fight worth a damn any way!

    Fuck that faggot and fuck yall behind the computer gangsters!

  • Read a book

    LMBAO..So many kids in denial in this C-section

  • illchaimberlin

    whoa. Frank Ocean is the truth.

  • muk


  • J. Rockwell

    Frank White > Chris Brown

  • niggafuckitdoe

    HAHAHA! It's funny how the first thing all these "straight" niggas bring up whenever Frank Ocean is mentioned is he's bi-sexual.

    Nigga if you're straight why's the gay shit the first thing poppin' into your head whenever this nigga's name comes up?

    Secret gay's man that's all I see here.

  • Mark S

    All of you homophobs sound like high school girls. Who gives a fuck if he is Bisexual or not? I enjoy frank oceans music and the sad part is that I have a friend who was A frank Ocean fan until he heard about frank loving another man. To be honest, My friend may be a closet gay and has been known to be an outspoken homophobic.