Saturday Night Sexy: J. Marie

blame it on Illy February 2, 2013

Instagram: jmarie_1987

To get all everyone ready for tomorrow evening’s big game, we’ve decided to bring you a football wifey edition of Saturday Night Sexy. Colin Kaepernick has snatched up a new sidepiece and it’s up-and-coming model J. Marie. Hit the jump for more shots of her which we swiped from her official website or scroll through her Instagram for even kinkier flicks. God bless you, Colin.

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  • mz

    Nice! One of the best

  • Frank Ocean

    Im a fan of this website but yall gone have to put some men on here also!

    you cant forget about yo homo fans :(

  • BBC

    ^ lmao @ frank ocean

  • jimmyyyy

    face so flat, she can bite a wall.

  • ^^^ Yeah cause flat faced bitches can’t get the dick. haha

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Who know what this chick looks like. I saw 6 different people. With the Photoshop she looks like a completely different person in every picture. The only time she looks the same are the pictures from the same shoot.

    5 and 6 can not be the same person.

  • Think hard on dat chick

    shit I was just checking her out when I saw the news on Yahoo! about her being the new gf to Kapernick

  • ohgeez

    one pic she a light eyes , the other pics she has dark brown lmao

    f u c k i n g c o r n y !

  • MewLover34

    People think they sound so cool with that Photoshop shit. Check the Instagram you clowns, looks even better on there. Probably better without the makeup too, for when you bring that up. Some people…

  • brian

    There is no chance MewLover34 isn’t Drake.

    Keep defending the honor of internet girls though, do you homie.

  • dem draws

    she has those dick sucking must be chillin

  • FOH

    Based on some of the responses, I know that some of you fools must be allergic to coochie. To each their own, but, why comment if chicks aren’t your thing? Find some gay pics & keep it movin’.

    In my opinion, she looks good.

  • myper spective

    Imagination is a thing of the past. How can a man feel good when the whole world can pretty much see what only he is supposed to see? Bless these females these days, they have no idea what modesty is. Take half naked photos: get a baller. you go girl lol.

  • Alishki

    ^ @myper respect, that’s some real talk, preach to these uneducated masses.

  • Penny

    Anybody Who Shops At Karmaloop Or Plndr, Enter Rep Code PENNY93 & Save!

  • Aye

    now we talking. best SNS yet. yezzir