• Good Peoples!

    What about a new album??? Nobody wanna hear those same ass songs

  • http://super-maui.com MAUI

    Imagine your Jay-Z with literally the baddest MILF in the world saying she's going on a world tour with your last name... Damn. +1 for Jay-Z.

  • http://therealbabyb.blogspot.com therealbabyb

    Very good for Beyonce! She had a dynamite Super Bowl half time performance. It was good to see a Destiny Child reunion.

  • K.

    King B?

  • LexiCon

    she might as well call it "The Hova's Hoe Show"

  • DJ Daz-One

    Damn yall (well those posting jealousy) are some haters for real but I bet you all will be at this show (or trying to get a friend to buy you a ticket) F**K that B is working hella hard. And so what she's doing the same songs the fans will be singing along with all of them. I just want to see her PHAT assets lol. She did a damn good job at the S.B.H.T.S so I know this tour will be off the hook.

  • Fakesout

    Fuck this fake bitch
    Fuck her ugly man face
    Fuck her fat ass
    Fuck her shitty music
    Fuck her fake pregnancy
    Fuck her fake marriage
    Fuck her fake miscarriage bullshit
    Fuck her annoying voice
    Fuck her narcissism
    Fuck Beyonce

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Is the show gonna be as horrible as the halftime performance?

  • david

    'Talk about no days off' she's not put out an album since mid 2011 and not done a tour since before then. She's been pregnant and gave birth though so it's understandable. Tech N9ne though, epitome of no days off. He did 93 shows in 104 days then went on to do 22 more in Europe whilst still shooting music videos, giving out guest verses, writing and releasing EPs, mixtapes and albums and working for his label. Hat off to Beyonce for putting in work and rehearsing singing and dance routines but harder working artists' work is eclipsed coz people are excited over a half time Super Bowl performance

  • myper spective

    Woopty fuckin do. She is a great performer nothing less. Im sorry I just cant support a person who has a room dedicated to herself and her accomplishments....thats bout the least humble thing a person can do..smh...and the world idolizes her...damn shame. she making money of that shit too lol.

  • eew

    the world is full of happy people and angry people

  • Cool LArry

    @myper spective You sound like the biggest hater in the world LOL! smh

  • fakesout

    Nice photoshop there you fake ass bitch.

  • myper spective

    @cool larry. dude you wack. why you even worried about what a BITCH thinks about another BITCH. and fyi, people sound like alot of things over the web, doesn't mean its what they are.